Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Brother

So today me and my brother really wanted to take a lot of photo. He ask me what it was but he was interested so I got my uncles netbook out and then we started taking funny photo. He was laughing all the time. Maybe you should try taking photo today! 


Today me and my cousin and aunty went for a awesome walk. It was so cool to get out of the house. I was so excited when my aunty said,"Do you want to go for a walk"? I popped on my shoes and hat and was ready to go. We also did some fitness as well. It was a great day to have a perfect walk.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

My Family

I love my family so much. There sometimes funny and amazing but sometimes there angry and not cool. My family is really awesome but strange at the same time. There happy to cool then angry to mad. They don't get jokes that much but they get happy if you do something nice to them. I love my family any way. There just perfect!

I Miss School

I really miss school! Its been so long that I haven't done something so fun. I really want to go back to school. Its boring and lame. My aunty uncle go any where they want when I'm stuck at home with my grandma. She's alright. SOMEONE HELP ME, I WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

Taking Photo's

I love taking photo because its fun to do and its the things that I always do. Maybe you would like taking photo like me! Check out webcamtoy, its the perfect place to take photo.


Hey everybody are you enjoying 2014? Its great to have 2014 because it is almost my birthday. I'm just joking. 2014 is the greatest year to refresh my body and to have a great year at school. I really hope every single person is have a great year.
HAPPY 2014!


I love to read books because it is interesting and fun to do. If I'm bored I always get a book and start reading. I love to find out what goes on and doesn't. Its really interesting because I get hooked into any book that has amazing chapter in it.  I think you would like to read books as well.

My Christmas Present

This is my christmas present. I love it so much. I was so shocked when I opened it. Have a great christmas!

Saturday, 25 January 2014


I was suppose to go to the movies on thursday but my mum's money didn't come throw so I just thinking about the movies. I was looking forward to it but it didn't happen. Movies are fun and cool to watch. Do you think as well?


Today I finished coming from the pools. It was so fun and awesome there.
I enjoyed it so much I wanted to stay until it closed but so sad to bad.
I really love swimming because its my second favourite sports and its fun to do.


Do you like watching cartoons? I do because there are funny and amazing to watch. I always watch cartoon because that is the only thing I will watch. Have you seen a cartoon before? Well I think you will love to watch them.

Merry Christmas

Did you have a very wonderful Christmas? Well I did. It was so awesome because I got a phone and many other stuff. We also had KFC for lunch. I was so excited when it was Christmas. I love Christmas.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Baking Cookies

I love baking cookies because its fun,cool and awesome. Today me and my cousin and aunty is going to bake some cookies. I was really interested when she said, "We are going to make some cookies". I jumped up and went right to the bench to start. My cousin Huelo-ata started to make the bata. I was able to crack an egg but then when I poured the eggs in the blow I just made the cookie bata wrong. So I went away and just waited for the cookies.