Monday, 5 October 2015

Why do people wear shoes?

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People wear shoes to protect their feet from dreadful diseases and also sharp little objects. Some of the diseases that can affect your feet are called Fungus, Pseudomonas, and many more. Some of the sharp little objects that can also affect your feet would be known as Glass, Rocks, Nails, and again many more.

Sometimes when the ground is ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’, we would obviously need to wear our shoes. ‘Why,’ because if the ground was cold and you were in your bare feet, you would need to pop on warm shoes and also if you are walking with bare feet on a hot sizzling type of ground you would need to pop on some flip flops.

When you are making, building, or creating something you should always remember to wear a type of shoe. ‘Again why,’ because you never know when you're holding something sharp and you dropped it by accident, it could go throw your feet or someone else’s. Not alone bad things happen to you but it does happen to other innocent people.

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Baking Homemade Biscuits


Today me and my cousin Ata, thought of making delicious homemade biscuits, so we did. I was excited and thrilled to finally make them! The very first thing we did was looked up on google ‘How to make biscuits’, we found for what we were looking for. Then we got our
equipment and ingredients out to start, I was sweating like I never sweated before.

After that, we melted some real butter and popped it in a bowl with sugar and mixed it all together. While we were mixing, our favourite song came on and we started to sing. “Is it time to put the egg and vanilla essence in?” I asked and she replied with “Yeah!” So we both added the egg and vanilla essence into the bowl with the sugar and melted butter. It smelt so good!

We mixed and mixed, and then when that was done we finally added plain flour. The texture started to form into a more dough-like mixture which is perfect for biscuits. It was time to take the dough mixture and cut it out with the cookie cutters, that was my favourite part of all. “Time to put the biscuits in the oven.” Ata said. We waited for 5-10 minutes and ‘POW’ we took the biscuits out and it turned out so good. I was so proud of myself and Ata. I enjoyed baking!

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