Wednesday, 22 May 2013


 I am going to tell you about  my fantastic teacher could Mrs.Garden. She really gets angry when we are not doing the right thing or go on right stuff  when we are on our net books.
She is really cool because last term she was my reading and writing teacher. I loved working with her because she tells me to do stuff that I really like to do but sometimes not.

Whale Writing

Did you know that whales are the largest animals in the world but really a blue whale is the biggest whales of them all.

They have really long jaw bones and they have really streamlined body's.

They have a thick layer of fat that is could blubber so when they are in the water they stay warm and not freezing.

Whales have powerful flippers that pushes them though the water because if they didn't have flippers they would not be able to swim.  

Click on this link to listen to my whale recording.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mr Someville

This is my teacher this year. His name is Mr. Somerville and he teaches me all kinds of stuff like reading writing and also maths. He is a very funny teacher and a cool teacher at the same time.
You wouldn't make him upset because he will just joke and say, "I am going to whack you with the jandal!" but he is only kidding! :)

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Voyage to cold south

This is a presentation about Voyage to the cold south by Emily Sendall.
She was the one who wrote about the book.
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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Weekend

During the weekends I was so lucky because I was invited to the movies with my aunts uncle and cousins. We really enjoyed going to the movies but sometimes our uncle falls asleep and then soreness until we wake him up.

As soon as the movie was finished we went outside for some fresh air and got our togs and towels ready for the beach so we could relaxes and have a fun swim.

When our 1 hour was over it was time to head to the fish and chip shop because we were starving. We didn't have lunch until 1:30. We didn't have enough money so we just buyed chips with tar tare sours. It was still a yummy lunch.

We forgot that it was 5:00 so we headed home and had a perfect shower and nap.

Friday, 10 May 2013 Writing

During the afternoon all of pt england school was told to be in the hall because a special visitor was coming to our school. We were asking the teachers who it was but they said,” I am not allowed to tell you its a secret”. We thought it was going to be someone boring but it wasn't because it was Will.I.AM from the black I peas!

I was so shock because I haven’t seen him in real life but it was my lucky day. He just gave all of the schools in Auckland 100,000,000 dollars but also to the manaiakalani schools as well.

When he told us his life when he was little it was sad and really upsetting because he was born in a little tiny place and didn't know his dad for years. I really feel sorry for him but when he had some friends they helped him to be a better person and a super star. Once he sings to people he really is a cool person and he loves his mum a lot. He also told us to pick the right friend.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Antarctica Writing

Antarctica Writing
During term 2 rooms 16 17 and 18 has been learning about Antarctica. We also learned that the temperature is very cold and really freezing. You would not live over there. Antarctica is really cold but if the sun comes out the ice will melts and the water will get warmer and warmer every hour or minute.

In Antarctica there are many species that live in the water.
Its a wildlife out there but some animals are really cute and some are not cute.
killer whales are very scary to me and also leopard seals.
penguins are my favourite animals of them all and even ham back whales.