Thursday, 18 June 2015

Rebekah Maths Progression #3

The reason why I have date the date on the purple level, is because I am positive that my learning is successful and is going to a higher standard, I also know how to teach some students how to solve a problem, by 2 or more ways. Did you know that I am confident?? I love sharing my ideas with the students and I like to tell my teacher some ways of solving a hard problem. 

Another reason why I am at this level is because I can solve a problem by myself without no one helping me. I hope you move up another level, which is a step for me achieve. I hope you enjoy my post and please leave a comment!

Explanation Writing - Week 9 2015

My task for today was to write about one of these topics. Here they are: Why do we have school?, Why do we have seasons?, Why can’t we play keepsies with younger kids in our school?, Why do we plan before we start our writing?, Why do we have to wear school uniforms? I picked “Why do we have school,” because I know much of why we have school and I know that I would hook you into my writing. Scroll down to see my writing which is about “Why we do we have school,” and I hope you like it!

The reason why we have school is because, we need to learn and find out information about how we grow up to be great adults and, we also go to school to be inspired by someone or something. We also have school because we need to learn about the world and about the living of people, if we don’t study and don’t go school, our lives will be terrible and not successful. Learning new things, figuring out new facts, and focusing and being respectful is the perfect way to having a successful life, by going to school.

Did you know that, people spend 8 or maybe 9 hours in school? School is meant for learning, creating, discovering, sharing, being respectful, and being successful, so that when young kids grow up to be adults, they know everything about objects, subject, and many more. Another reason why we go to school is because, our parents wants us to be wise and good human beings, If we don’t learn anything, our brains are not functioning and we are not being good kids.

If you go to school, to just make friends and play, your wrong, school is for learning and making good results in your work. We have school because we need to be good people towards those who do not know anything about things. School gives us education! Once you have finished from primary, you then move onto high school or also named for college, College is very hard because you don’t stay in one class, you have to rotate to other classes.

Going to school should be interesting. Not only will you learn subjects but you will also learn new skills, including social skills. The skills and knowledge that you learn at school will help you now and in later life as you start work.  Good attendance shows potential employers that you are reliable. Regular attendance at school gives you the best possible start in life and prepares you for the future.

I hope you follow some information about “why we have school”. Make sure that you go to school for learning new things, not only to just play with your friends or to just ditch home, school is very important for your brain and many more of your body parts. Please leave a comment and I wish you enjoy my writing for week 9.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My Digizen T2W9

My task for today, was to make and draw my own Digizen person on a Google drawing. I had to draw something that represents a perfect person being good online. 

My digizen is about having empathy and being a normal online person, because no one likes two different personalities. It is also representing a perfect cyber-smart learner that goes online every day. The reason why I drawed this digizen, is because, I think that a good digizen has to have empathy online and has to have a positive attitude.  Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy my digizen!  

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maths Progress #2

I think that I have moved up to the level (colour) blue because now I can solve one problem, by working it out by three ways or more, and I think that I can work more hard without any help from anyone else. I also think that I can be workable towards my learning! My goal is to reach the (colour) and level purple because I want to be successful and I want to teach someone else, that is having trouble with there work. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy my maths progress #2.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Blog Post Week 8 - Reading

My task for today was to fill out this drawing from my reading activity which is in school. I also was told to write a summary about the article. Here is the link: Boy on a bike (the link):

This article is about a boy named Mac Madsen, he is fundraising money that is going towards St John, it is going to St John because he wants to make more ambulance for them. “How are you going to fundraise money”, said his parents? He said, “I’m going to bike up and down from New Zealand to make the money”. His parents were still carrying on there questions. He read books and found out information about cycling. Mac was alone nine years old, and 3,000 kilometres was a very long way. Him and his parents made up a compromise! He would cycle the length of the North Island, just a bit less than that half distance. His dad would cycle with him and they would make it to the route.

Him and his dad trained every weekend and some days they would cycle 80 kilometres. The other days, they would ride shorter. Sometimes in the holidays, they would cycle several days in a row. They trained in the dark, they got up before dawn, and they made sure that they covered up enough metres. Mac did not give up for St John. Him and his dad did not imagine the weather being so rough. They learnt so many things from each other and they raised up to, over 7,000 dollars. Him and his father were thinking of doing it again.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Explanation Writing 2015 - Week 8

For this week in our senior area, we were given a task that we would have to write about something out of these four questions:
Here they are - Why do you think we need sleep? Why do we wash our hands? Why is it important to have rules in school/class? Why is it important to be on time?
Out of those question I picked, Why do we need sleep? I wanted to pick this question because it seems interesting and I know a little information about sleep. I hope you like my writing which is down below this paragraph, ENJOY!

Starting Here:

The purpose of why we should sleep is because, we need to recharge our bodies for the next day ahead of us and we need to make sure that we have enough energy to play or learn things. Sleep is also good for our bodies because it helps us to explore new things that we haven’t tired or discovered.

Para 1:
If we don’t sleep or rest, our bodies will become stressed, sluggish, angry, lazy, and tired. You also need to sleep because it helps your brain to recharge and carry on with the days. Did you know that sleeping is the most important thing for your body? Sleeping is also awesome because you can dream to imagine cool stuff!

Para 2:
Time, sleeping takes time, you have to make sure that you sleep at the right amount of time because sleeping does take time and time is sleeping. Well you are sleeping, you need to make sure that you sleep through the whole night until the morning but If you need to wake up early for work, then I suggest that you wake up early but still make sure that you enough rest or go to sleep early.

Para 3:
Sleep helps your muscles, eye’s, brain, heart, and many more to be strong and active because your body needs to have energy, mode, and power for anything that you would have to do. Me and you have to make sure that we sleep through the whole night and make sure that we sleep early to wake up early for the next day.

I hope you actually follow my tips to this sleeping guide and I hope you know what to do, not what not to do. Make sure that you are sleeping at the best times as possible. “Sleep is good for you and me,” says my grandmother! Please leave a comment and please take my tips about sleep/rest/sleeping.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Maths Progress

My task for today was to see, what colour (level) that I am in. I have to pick what kind of colour (level) on this drawing, that I think I'm at for maths. I think that I am at the green colour level because I can solve a question 2 or 3 ways that are different and, because I still would need some help towards my learning. I also need some company but I just need to pick the right person or people to sit by. My goal is to reach to the colour blue level because I want to achieve more and be successful in my work. I hope you enjoyed this blog post!!!:)

Week 7 Blog Post - Reading

My task for today was to make a drawing for my reading activity. This is the drawing of what was included with a poem and article that me and my reading group had to relate and not relate to each other. Here is the link for the poem and article ( Poem, Article,). 

Here is my presentation for reading as well!!!! 

Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed this blog post about my reading activity!!!! :)

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tinkering Tools & Toys - Changing......

Today for tinkering tools & toys, my group had changed idea's for this activity. We changed idea's because, they were a lot of things going on and we would have to build our budget up. There were a lot of things going around in our heads. We thought it would be cool to have a photo booth in our school because our school loves to take photo's and we thought that they could try something new. 

Week 7 - Blog Post Maths

My task for today was to explain to you what me and my maths class has been doing these past few days. We have been using talking moves. Talk moves are things like prompting which means (would someone like to add on to what I said), and wait time which is ( I'll wait for you). That is talk moves. What is another talk move, that you would make up?

This here is a problem solving of the same, of the image on the piece of paper.
What is 2.18 times 60?
$2.18 x 60=
So first to work out this question, is that I would split the numbers into hundreds,tens, and one’s, so it should look like this, firstly 2.00 x 60=, that equals 120. Then secondly I would go 0.10 x 60= which equals 6.00. Then lastly 0.08 x 60, which equals 4.8. Then I would take those equaled numbers and add them just like this, 120+6.00+4.8=, and that equals 130.80. Then that is my answer $130.80!