Friday, 20 November 2015

The College Talk - Andrew Patterson

Today was very exciting for the year 8 students, because we were again visited by the wonderful Andrew Patterson who is a radio live speaker. He talked to us about college and what we should expect, do, have in college. Habits, he also played a video of 7 top habits that we should have when we finally reach college. They were Be proactive, Begin with the end in mind, Put first things first, Think win-win, Synergize, Seek first to understand to be understood and sharpen the sow.

Mr.Patterson also played some video's of how our brains could grow more. One thing I obviously knew was that if you struggle that means mine and your brain would grow more, then not learning the things that you already know.

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To be continued........................

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This is Andrew Patterson  ------

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Time with friends

I was really thrilled because it was the day that me and my friend Mahana were able to go to the movies and also go shopping around the mall. We did have permission from our families and we both were very excited. I myself wished that night time would already finish and that day time would arrive because I couldn’t wait anymore! I wondered how she was feeling?

As soon as I was ready, me and my aunty went to go pick her up. We were a little late when reached her house and it seemed like she was waiting for us outside of her front door. Our car horn beeped outside of her house ‘Bep bep’ and she ran outside fast like a cheetah. She didn’t want to get wet from the rain for some sort of reason.

Mahana hopped inside the car and we went to the bank. While my aunt was driving she decide to introduce herself and I was already embarrassed. Finally we reached the bank and my aunt went inside to get some money out for me. Yay! “I have over 40 dollars and a free ticket to the movies. How much money do you have,” I ask mahana? “40 dollars,” she replied.

We finally got to the movie theaters and Mahana didn’t have anymore money for our popcorn, munchies and drinks so since I had a free ticket to the movies and I had much more money left over, I said to her that I would buy the popcorn, munchies and drinks. She loved the idea and she let me do it. 18 dollars and 60 cents for popcorn and drinks felt and sounded expensive to me, but you know what I had so much money that I could buy two of each.

We watched ‘Pan’ the movie and we ate and took photo’s in the theatre. “Thanks,” she said to me. I replied “It’s my pleasure.” We exit the movies and went shopping for some clothes, I bought me and Mahana matching shirts so whenever we go out again to the mall we can wear those t shirts.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Why do people wear shoes?

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People wear shoes to protect their feet from dreadful diseases and also sharp little objects. Some of the diseases that can affect your feet are called Fungus, Pseudomonas, and many more. Some of the sharp little objects that can also affect your feet would be known as Glass, Rocks, Nails, and again many more.

Sometimes when the ground is ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’, we would obviously need to wear our shoes. ‘Why,’ because if the ground was cold and you were in your bare feet, you would need to pop on warm shoes and also if you are walking with bare feet on a hot sizzling type of ground you would need to pop on some flip flops.

When you are making, building, or creating something you should always remember to wear a type of shoe. ‘Again why,’ because you never know when you're holding something sharp and you dropped it by accident, it could go throw your feet or someone else’s. Not alone bad things happen to you but it does happen to other innocent people.

I hope you have received and got some tips off me for you to learn from and also to go over with others. Please leave a comment and I hope you were amazed by some of my tips to ‘Why do people wear shoes.’ Here is a LINK for you to also go threw.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Baking Homemade Biscuits


Today me and my cousin Ata, thought of making delicious homemade biscuits, so we did. I was excited and thrilled to finally make them! The very first thing we did was looked up on google ‘How to make biscuits’, we found for what we were looking for. Then we got our
equipment and ingredients out to start, I was sweating like I never sweated before.

After that, we melted some real butter and popped it in a bowl with sugar and mixed it all together. While we were mixing, our favourite song came on and we started to sing. “Is it time to put the egg and vanilla essence in?” I asked and she replied with “Yeah!” So we both added the egg and vanilla essence into the bowl with the sugar and melted butter. It smelt so good!

We mixed and mixed, and then when that was done we finally added plain flour. The texture started to form into a more dough-like mixture which is perfect for biscuits. It was time to take the dough mixture and cut it out with the cookie cutters, that was my favourite part of all. “Time to put the biscuits in the oven.” Ata said. We waited for 5-10 minutes and ‘POW’ we took the biscuits out and it turned out so good. I was so proud of myself and Ata. I enjoyed baking!

Please leave a comment and I hope you were hooked into my writing. Here is a link to making biscuits, so that you could have a try as well. Again I hope you were hooked in!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Week 10 Writing

The weekend is so boring, annoying, and it is so hot, please just make it stop. There is nothing to do, instead of eating, sleeping, or watching television (if you have a television). It is just like I am trapped in a tiny box! I am burning like the sun, I am hungry for getting out of the house, and I am wishing like I haven’t wished before.

Everyone in my family tells me to go to sleep if I am bored, but I don’t listen. I ask and ask, “can I go somewhere to be away from this house for just a little break (SERIOUSLY)!” They don’t listen as well. “Why are you so lazy?” I asked my family. No answer. It is like they want me to feel like this. “Fine I will just go by myself if you all are not listening to me,” I said walking off so angrily.

When night came, I decided to snuck out for a muck around with my friends. We all didn’t tell our parents and we were all very excited, not even feeling a little guilty. We went in one of my friends mum car, she didn’t care but I was worried, I began to feel a little guilty now. “Come on lexcie,” said Jama. So I went with them and we went all over Sylvia Park, it was magnificent, we brought ourselves new clothes, shoes, and even went to go watch a new movie that just came out.

“That was the best,”said Jama! “I know but do you think were gonna get in trouble,” I replied. “No don't worry, let's all just go home and forget this ever happen, ok guys,”said jama. So we did forget about it and all went home to make sure that we wouldn’t get caught by our parents. When I got home no one was in their beds, I was wondering where they were but I couldn’t think hard.

Click! There goes the light. “Mum, Dad, I was just getting me some water,” I said so scared and frightened. “You're lying, Jama’s parents just called us and said that you and your friends were out in Sylvia Park,” mum said. I kept quiet. “Get in your room and stay in there, we will discuss this in the morning,”yelled dad. I ran in my room and started to cry, it is all my fault. My tears were falling down like  rough rain! “Get up lexcie,” said my dad. We walked in our living room and talked about the problem. When mum and dad understood my problem they were sorry, and when I told them about going out, I was sorry. We all moved on from it and I was very happy to get it out of the way.

Now I have learned my lesson, and that lesson is that I should always talk about my problems with my family, and I should never go behind their backs. I shall never lie and keep that in mind. If something is bugging you and you want to talk about it with someone else, tell them, I am sure that they would understand and listen.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

How to prevent yourself from getting sick:

You should always make sure that you're keeping warm if it is  winter. One way to keeping you warm is by wearing clothes that does protect you from the cold, and that does make you feel good. You should also eat and drink soups and healthy pies which are warm for your bodys. Be warned at times, because sometimes you never that the cold is coming.

Also, another tip is by washing your hands after you have finish from the toilet or when you have touched something gross. Washing you hands is another way to prevent yourself from getting sick. Some of the ways we can wash our hands is to, stop germs from taking over and making sure that we scrub our hands extra hard. We should always remember to wash our hands because, if we touch something that is disgusting and gross, it does lead to germs.

When I sense a cold is brewing, I immediately go into attack mode and start consuming 1000 mg of vitamin C every couple hours along with other immune-boosting supplements. I drink a lot of water and make sure I get a good night’s rest. In 95 percent of these cases, the flu or cold symptoms go away within 24 hours. I also go into attack mode if I am around a sick person for an extended period of time.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Reading Activty W6T3

How does it relate to the story?
Justin was watching three returns of The Simpsons and he was also eating chips, then when the packet of chips were finished he’d dig the salt and grease out of the corner with his Index finger.

How does it relate to the story?
Justin was devastated, because the doctor that justin saw, said that justin would never play basketball ever again.

How does it relate to the story?
Justin was reaching to the bottom of a pit which had despair in it.

How does it relate to the story?
The recruiters never came to justin door, when he was at home, searching for a university to go at.

My task:

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Blog post assignment - W5T3 2015

The problem with this picture is that it says on the sign that it is avocado, when it is actually red pepper's. The other problem is that also on the sign, it says many other prices. 
To fix the problem's, the workers at countdown need to make sure that they right the same matching products on the sign and that they pick one price to go with it not a lot to rip people off. 

My task:

My Drawing:

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Screenshot Maths W5T3 - Telling The Time

My task for today was to, make sure that I would take screenshots of a clock which had a time on it and make a new Google drive presentation to show you that I know my time, the site I had to go on for my assignment was called 'Primary Clock'. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Spend, Share, Save Week 4

My task for week 4 was to answer the questions that is on this presentation and make sure that it involves goal settings. What I mean by goal settings, is that I need to think about what good things, that I would do with a lot of money. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy this blog post!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Friday, 31 July 2015

Shopping: Week 2

This week for inquiry, me and my home class was to make a new spreadsheet on our Google drives, so that we could write down some shopping products and its brands, and prices. Then when we added our prices together, we were to pick a cost in a bucket that our teacher prepared for us. I had to take some of my shopping products out and get the right amount of change. The rest of my money is going to be my savings!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Money: Shopping & Change W2T3

Me and the rest of my maths class had learned about decimals and shopping with money. We went over some problems to warm up our brain for the real essay. The problems in this presentation above my writing was so easy. It wasn't challenging and hard, I thought it was a easy peasy activity. For the next paragraph I will get one of the problems from the presentation and solve it, I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment.

Explanation Writing W2T3

How we spend money all depends on what we think we need and want. This essay will explain the differences between what a ‘need’ is and what a ‘want’ is.

What is a ‘want’?
If I were to describe a ‘want’ it would be describe as you begging or talking about something you desire mostly. A ‘want’ is something or someone you really like or feel strong about, it is also something or someone you hope for. Sometimes you would say, “I would die for it.” When you are ‘wanting’ for something, you would need to think carefully about what you are spending on.
     What is a ‘need’?
Did you know that a ‘need’ is a necessity? Necessity means that you would need important things like clothes, food, water, shoes, and many more. When you ‘need’ something you are specifically wanting something. You ‘need’ water so that you don’t get dehydrated, and you really need food for you body to keep you going and for more energy. Clothes you need because people would be thinking weirdly, and you need shoes to keep your feet and toes warm from the cold and also to keep you from stepping on dangerous objects. We ‘need’ enough food in our homes to keep our lives still living, rather than spending our money on things that are not very important.

   Why is a ‘need’ more important than a ‘want’?

A ‘need’ is more important than a ‘want’ because when you are ‘needing’ for something, you get that thing, but when you ‘want’ something, you wouldn't get it. ‘Need’ is important because it is also necessity, and necessity is making sure that we have food, water, clothes, shoes, and many more. Why do we ‘need’? - Because ‘needing’ something is more valuable than a ‘want’!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Change - Term 3 Week 1

Today me and the rest of my maths group was just to write in 5 ways of how we would re-write $68.20. We could re-write in money and we had to write in bold letters or numbers. We just had to make sure that we could re-write the problem in 5 ways. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy this blog post!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Baby Brother Cassius

This photo right here is of my beautiful baby brother Cassius, he is so cute, he makes me so happy! He does cry a lot and he does get hungry very fast. Sometimes I would give him to my mum, because he is a very heavy baby. I love my baby brother so much, and I know that he loves me back. Did you know that all my family members has said that Cassius looks exactly like my other brother named Sam when he was a baby. I agreed to there opinion.  

Did I mention that Cassius, is a very happy baby? That is meaning that he loves to play with kids and adults. He also loves to see new people that he hasn't meet before. "Cassius is so cute," said my aunt. All of my family loves Cassius because he is a very listenable baby and me and my family think that he would be wise when he grows up. 

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Rebekah Trade & Enterprise 2015

My task for today was to make a new presentation in my Google drive and then I was to call the presentation my name and TRADE & ENTERPRISE because trade & enterprise is our school topic. I was to make a new slide and write down the products that I brought in my holidays to this week right now. Then when that was done I was to write down my emotions of how I brought the products. When that finish I was to write on two sides WANT & NEED, when that was done my teacher Mrs Moala told me to put this on my blog which I am doing now and to write a paragraph that describe what this is, which I am doing right now again. I hope you like my presentation and this paragraph, Please leave a comment!

Friday, 17 July 2015

My Favourite Youtuber!!!

Hi guys, this amazing person is my most favourite you-tuber in the whole entire world. He is funny, he is scary, and he makes me smile every time I watch his video's. His real name is IIsa but what people call him is TWAIMZ. He is apart of a vine company. Vine is the meaning of making short funny videos for people to search or look at when they are bored or to just have a little laugh. He loves LLAMA's like me and also answers people questions on his video's. 

When I first saw Twaimz, I thought that he was boring, but when I started to watch a bit of his video's on youtube, I thought that he was a fantastic person to watch. He is Owesome, with an O!! One thing that you should know about Twaimz, is his personality, he does get upset when people talk behind his back. Please leave a comment and if you want to know much about TWAIMZ, let me know, I will tell you every thing about him!!! Here is a link to his youtube channel!!! Hope you enjoy!!

My Holiday In Hamilton

So far in my holiday, I have been in Hamilton with my cousins, aunty and uncle. I have had so much fun and I have spend so many time with my cousins. My holiday is going so awesome! I've played with my cousins, and watched funny video's with them. I wish I had lived in Hamilton, because I could be close to the other part of my family, but things don't really happen. There are some many things I could do in Hamilton like playing, watching videos, going out to places (Hamilton city) and many more. Have you ever been to Hamilton city?

When I arrived in Hamilton, I hugged my cousins and aunty/uncle, and I quickly chucked my bags in my cousins room so that we could go to Hamilton city. We brought new shoes and clothes well we were there. It was so surprising that my cousins wanted to buy high heals for the first time, she would always say that it was a boring type of shoe. It was one of the best days when I was in Hamilton!

I hope that you liked this blog post about me in Hamilton and what has been going on in my holiday. Please leave a comment and I hope that you enjoyed!!!!!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

College Speech By........

Today, we had special visitors visit our school to talk to me and the rest of the year 8 students about college and about Tamaki college. There were 6 students and 2 teachers from Tamaki college who talked about college and about how it works and how it is. The first thing that they did was that, they introduced themselves, and one of the teachers from Tamaki college which is named is Miss. Moore had asked questions to the 6 student from Tamaki college and they were to answer them. She had amazing questions. Then when she was done, we asked them questions. There was a lot of interesting and funny questions. I asked a question and that was, "Is college hard." The 6 students said "no". So I was very surprised because I thought it would be hard and because college sounds hard. I really enjoyed the speech by the 6 Tamaki college speakers, and did you know that the 6 speakers use to come to Pt England. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed!

Disagree Or Agree


My task for today was to write about which subject I were to choose out of. I was to agree or disagree of the problem that people are putting against. Here are the subject I were to pick from, I were to pick one to write about. Cell phones should be banned from school. PES should not have school uniform. I choose to write about cell phones being banned because I thought it would be a amazing article to write about.

I disagree about banning cell phones from bringing to school. Did you know that, cell phones has become an important communication tool that is used by people all over the world to keep in contact with each other at any time? So that is one reason why we should have cell phones at school to contact. We shouldn’t ban it because I am positive that cell phones can be helpful!

I disagree with those who think that cell phones shouldn’t be used at school, because cell phones can be helpful to search for things when you are missing something and it can help you to contact your parents or others when you are lost. Is a cell phone helpful to you and are you positive that it is a awesome device, tool, and technology for using?

Possible I think that a cell phone is a handy type of tool because if you get bored of working during class time you could get your phone out of your bag or something else and your headphones to listen to music. Just make sure that your teacher doesn’t catch you, because you might get in trouble. Another tip to avoid working during class time, you could play games on your cell phone, but again just make sure that you don’t get in trouble.

What is the point of bringing a cell phone to school? The point of bringing a cell phone is because, It can used for many educational things like research, projects, calculators, and even putting in important dates when my or your homework assignment or a project is due. You can also use a phone to call or text your parents if maybe you forgot your lunch at home, or if you need to get picked up after school.

I hope you understand why I think that we shouldn’t ban cell phones at school and, I hope you carry on this to another person who thinks negative about bringing that kind of device to school. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed my writing.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Rebekah Maths Progression #3

The reason why I have date the date on the purple level, is because I am positive that my learning is successful and is going to a higher standard, I also know how to teach some students how to solve a problem, by 2 or more ways. Did you know that I am confident?? I love sharing my ideas with the students and I like to tell my teacher some ways of solving a hard problem. 

Another reason why I am at this level is because I can solve a problem by myself without no one helping me. I hope you move up another level, which is a step for me achieve. I hope you enjoy my post and please leave a comment!

Explanation Writing - Week 9 2015

My task for today was to write about one of these topics. Here they are: Why do we have school?, Why do we have seasons?, Why can’t we play keepsies with younger kids in our school?, Why do we plan before we start our writing?, Why do we have to wear school uniforms? I picked “Why do we have school,” because I know much of why we have school and I know that I would hook you into my writing. Scroll down to see my writing which is about “Why we do we have school,” and I hope you like it!

The reason why we have school is because, we need to learn and find out information about how we grow up to be great adults and, we also go to school to be inspired by someone or something. We also have school because we need to learn about the world and about the living of people, if we don’t study and don’t go school, our lives will be terrible and not successful. Learning new things, figuring out new facts, and focusing and being respectful is the perfect way to having a successful life, by going to school.

Did you know that, people spend 8 or maybe 9 hours in school? School is meant for learning, creating, discovering, sharing, being respectful, and being successful, so that when young kids grow up to be adults, they know everything about objects, subject, and many more. Another reason why we go to school is because, our parents wants us to be wise and good human beings, If we don’t learn anything, our brains are not functioning and we are not being good kids.

If you go to school, to just make friends and play, your wrong, school is for learning and making good results in your work. We have school because we need to be good people towards those who do not know anything about things. School gives us education! Once you have finished from primary, you then move onto high school or also named for college, College is very hard because you don’t stay in one class, you have to rotate to other classes.

Going to school should be interesting. Not only will you learn subjects but you will also learn new skills, including social skills. The skills and knowledge that you learn at school will help you now and in later life as you start work.  Good attendance shows potential employers that you are reliable. Regular attendance at school gives you the best possible start in life and prepares you for the future.

I hope you follow some information about “why we have school”. Make sure that you go to school for learning new things, not only to just play with your friends or to just ditch home, school is very important for your brain and many more of your body parts. Please leave a comment and I wish you enjoy my writing for week 9.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My Digizen T2W9

My task for today, was to make and draw my own Digizen person on a Google drawing. I had to draw something that represents a perfect person being good online. 

My digizen is about having empathy and being a normal online person, because no one likes two different personalities. It is also representing a perfect cyber-smart learner that goes online every day. The reason why I drawed this digizen, is because, I think that a good digizen has to have empathy online and has to have a positive attitude.  Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy my digizen!  

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maths Progress #2

I think that I have moved up to the level (colour) blue because now I can solve one problem, by working it out by three ways or more, and I think that I can work more hard without any help from anyone else. I also think that I can be workable towards my learning! My goal is to reach the (colour) and level purple because I want to be successful and I want to teach someone else, that is having trouble with there work. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy my maths progress #2.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Blog Post Week 8 - Reading

My task for today was to fill out this drawing from my reading activity which is in school. I also was told to write a summary about the article. Here is the link: Boy on a bike (the link):

This article is about a boy named Mac Madsen, he is fundraising money that is going towards St John, it is going to St John because he wants to make more ambulance for them. “How are you going to fundraise money”, said his parents? He said, “I’m going to bike up and down from New Zealand to make the money”. His parents were still carrying on there questions. He read books and found out information about cycling. Mac was alone nine years old, and 3,000 kilometres was a very long way. Him and his parents made up a compromise! He would cycle the length of the North Island, just a bit less than that half distance. His dad would cycle with him and they would make it to the route.

Him and his dad trained every weekend and some days they would cycle 80 kilometres. The other days, they would ride shorter. Sometimes in the holidays, they would cycle several days in a row. They trained in the dark, they got up before dawn, and they made sure that they covered up enough metres. Mac did not give up for St John. Him and his dad did not imagine the weather being so rough. They learnt so many things from each other and they raised up to, over 7,000 dollars. Him and his father were thinking of doing it again.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Explanation Writing 2015 - Week 8

For this week in our senior area, we were given a task that we would have to write about something out of these four questions:
Here they are - Why do you think we need sleep? Why do we wash our hands? Why is it important to have rules in school/class? Why is it important to be on time?
Out of those question I picked, Why do we need sleep? I wanted to pick this question because it seems interesting and I know a little information about sleep. I hope you like my writing which is down below this paragraph, ENJOY!

Starting Here:

The purpose of why we should sleep is because, we need to recharge our bodies for the next day ahead of us and we need to make sure that we have enough energy to play or learn things. Sleep is also good for our bodies because it helps us to explore new things that we haven’t tired or discovered.

Para 1:
If we don’t sleep or rest, our bodies will become stressed, sluggish, angry, lazy, and tired. You also need to sleep because it helps your brain to recharge and carry on with the days. Did you know that sleeping is the most important thing for your body? Sleeping is also awesome because you can dream to imagine cool stuff!

Para 2:
Time, sleeping takes time, you have to make sure that you sleep at the right amount of time because sleeping does take time and time is sleeping. Well you are sleeping, you need to make sure that you sleep through the whole night until the morning but If you need to wake up early for work, then I suggest that you wake up early but still make sure that you enough rest or go to sleep early.

Para 3:
Sleep helps your muscles, eye’s, brain, heart, and many more to be strong and active because your body needs to have energy, mode, and power for anything that you would have to do. Me and you have to make sure that we sleep through the whole night and make sure that we sleep early to wake up early for the next day.

I hope you actually follow my tips to this sleeping guide and I hope you know what to do, not what not to do. Make sure that you are sleeping at the best times as possible. “Sleep is good for you and me,” says my grandmother! Please leave a comment and please take my tips about sleep/rest/sleeping.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Maths Progress

My task for today was to see, what colour (level) that I am in. I have to pick what kind of colour (level) on this drawing, that I think I'm at for maths. I think that I am at the green colour level because I can solve a question 2 or 3 ways that are different and, because I still would need some help towards my learning. I also need some company but I just need to pick the right person or people to sit by. My goal is to reach to the colour blue level because I want to achieve more and be successful in my work. I hope you enjoyed this blog post!!!:)

Week 7 Blog Post - Reading

My task for today was to make a drawing for my reading activity. This is the drawing of what was included with a poem and article that me and my reading group had to relate and not relate to each other. Here is the link for the poem and article ( Poem, Article,). 

Here is my presentation for reading as well!!!! 

Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed this blog post about my reading activity!!!! :)

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tinkering Tools & Toys - Changing......

Today for tinkering tools & toys, my group had changed idea's for this activity. We changed idea's because, they were a lot of things going on and we would have to build our budget up. There were a lot of things going around in our heads. We thought it would be cool to have a photo booth in our school because our school loves to take photo's and we thought that they could try something new. 

Week 7 - Blog Post Maths

My task for today was to explain to you what me and my maths class has been doing these past few days. We have been using talking moves. Talk moves are things like prompting which means (would someone like to add on to what I said), and wait time which is ( I'll wait for you). That is talk moves. What is another talk move, that you would make up?

This here is a problem solving of the same, of the image on the piece of paper.
What is 2.18 times 60?
$2.18 x 60=
So first to work out this question, is that I would split the numbers into hundreds,tens, and one’s, so it should look like this, firstly 2.00 x 60=, that equals 120. Then secondly I would go 0.10 x 60= which equals 6.00. Then lastly 0.08 x 60, which equals 4.8. Then I would take those equaled numbers and add them just like this, 120+6.00+4.8=, and that equals 130.80. Then that is my answer $130.80!