Thursday, 24 September 2015

Week 10 Writing

The weekend is so boring, annoying, and it is so hot, please just make it stop. There is nothing to do, instead of eating, sleeping, or watching television (if you have a television). It is just like I am trapped in a tiny box! I am burning like the sun, I am hungry for getting out of the house, and I am wishing like I haven’t wished before.

Everyone in my family tells me to go to sleep if I am bored, but I don’t listen. I ask and ask, “can I go somewhere to be away from this house for just a little break (SERIOUSLY)!” They don’t listen as well. “Why are you so lazy?” I asked my family. No answer. It is like they want me to feel like this. “Fine I will just go by myself if you all are not listening to me,” I said walking off so angrily.

When night came, I decided to snuck out for a muck around with my friends. We all didn’t tell our parents and we were all very excited, not even feeling a little guilty. We went in one of my friends mum car, she didn’t care but I was worried, I began to feel a little guilty now. “Come on lexcie,” said Jama. So I went with them and we went all over Sylvia Park, it was magnificent, we brought ourselves new clothes, shoes, and even went to go watch a new movie that just came out.

“That was the best,”said Jama! “I know but do you think were gonna get in trouble,” I replied. “No don't worry, let's all just go home and forget this ever happen, ok guys,”said jama. So we did forget about it and all went home to make sure that we wouldn’t get caught by our parents. When I got home no one was in their beds, I was wondering where they were but I couldn’t think hard.

Click! There goes the light. “Mum, Dad, I was just getting me some water,” I said so scared and frightened. “You're lying, Jama’s parents just called us and said that you and your friends were out in Sylvia Park,” mum said. I kept quiet. “Get in your room and stay in there, we will discuss this in the morning,”yelled dad. I ran in my room and started to cry, it is all my fault. My tears were falling down like  rough rain! “Get up lexcie,” said my dad. We walked in our living room and talked about the problem. When mum and dad understood my problem they were sorry, and when I told them about going out, I was sorry. We all moved on from it and I was very happy to get it out of the way.

Now I have learned my lesson, and that lesson is that I should always talk about my problems with my family, and I should never go behind their backs. I shall never lie and keep that in mind. If something is bugging you and you want to talk about it with someone else, tell them, I am sure that they would understand and listen.

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