Friday, 30 March 2012

No Camp for Me!

Did you know that the year five and six had camp? I did not go to camp because I had chicken pox and that was not fun! I was all ready for camp, but then I got sick!  I missed out on all the fun and great activities. But it is OKAY!

I was very sad when camp started but it was alright staying at home. I do not like chicken pox ! If you had chicken pox when you were starting camp you will be very sad and disappointed too!

I did not get to sleep in a tent with my friends, but I think it was okay because they said that they were shivering and cold . I don't know if they like to sleep in a tent by themself because if they were sleeping by themself they would be very scared and afraid of the dark.

Do you like to sleep in a tent by yourself when you are having school camp? I don't think so. I would be so scared that I would get out of my tent and go to my friends tent and ask her if she can come and sleep with me. I did not want to get chicken pox when camp was starting but I had no choice. 

I wish that I could sleep in a tent when I am a year six. I really want to go to camp next year. I would be so excited and I would be very happy!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Blindfold Experience

Monday was cool because did you know that room fourteen was in the hall doing something that we didn’t know about. When our teacher Miss Ouano told us what to do and that we were going to play blindfolded I said , “OH!" I was so scared that I would hurt myself. I was very nervous that I would not make it to the end. 

Do you like being blindfolded? Does your teacher or your family or friends like to be blindfolded? I don’t think so but your friends would like to be blindfolded . Teachers would not be happy when they blindfolded ! I hope that room fourteen would like to do that again . 

I was doing zig - zag and I went around the cones and I went under the tarpaulin , it was so fun that I went two times and I had fun jumping off the school stage . It was so fantastic , awesome and cool .

Friday, 2 March 2012

Great Things Take Time

Great Things Take Time

I want to be good at writing because if people around the world are reading my blog I will be very happy. I will need to check my work and put full stops in the right place and also capital letters.  

Did you know that J.K Rowling was the woman who wrote the Harry Potter books. Do you think that she wrote it in one day? NO! Do you know how many books she sold? She sold 450 Million books and she was the one who had fantastic ideas. I really like her writing, she is very cool!

I hope that I will be like J.K Rowling and write books like her.