Friday, 20 November 2015

The College Talk - Andrew Patterson

Today was very exciting for the year 8 students, because we were again visited by the wonderful Andrew Patterson who is a radio live speaker. He talked to us about college and what we should expect, do, have in college. Habits, he also played a video of 7 top habits that we should have when we finally reach college. They were Be proactive, Begin with the end in mind, Put first things first, Think win-win, Synergize, Seek first to understand to be understood and sharpen the sow.

Mr.Patterson also played some video's of how our brains could grow more. One thing I obviously knew was that if you struggle that means mine and your brain would grow more, then not learning the things that you already know.

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To be continued........................

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Time with friends

I was really thrilled because it was the day that me and my friend Mahana were able to go to the movies and also go shopping around the mall. We did have permission from our families and we both were very excited. I myself wished that night time would already finish and that day time would arrive because I couldn’t wait anymore! I wondered how she was feeling?

As soon as I was ready, me and my aunty went to go pick her up. We were a little late when reached her house and it seemed like she was waiting for us outside of her front door. Our car horn beeped outside of her house ‘Bep bep’ and she ran outside fast like a cheetah. She didn’t want to get wet from the rain for some sort of reason.

Mahana hopped inside the car and we went to the bank. While my aunt was driving she decide to introduce herself and I was already embarrassed. Finally we reached the bank and my aunt went inside to get some money out for me. Yay! “I have over 40 dollars and a free ticket to the movies. How much money do you have,” I ask mahana? “40 dollars,” she replied.

We finally got to the movie theaters and Mahana didn’t have anymore money for our popcorn, munchies and drinks so since I had a free ticket to the movies and I had much more money left over, I said to her that I would buy the popcorn, munchies and drinks. She loved the idea and she let me do it. 18 dollars and 60 cents for popcorn and drinks felt and sounded expensive to me, but you know what I had so much money that I could buy two of each.

We watched ‘Pan’ the movie and we ate and took photo’s in the theatre. “Thanks,” she said to me. I replied “It’s my pleasure.” We exit the movies and went shopping for some clothes, I bought me and Mahana matching shirts so whenever we go out again to the mall we can wear those t shirts.