Friday, 31 July 2015

Shopping: Week 2

This week for inquiry, me and my home class was to make a new spreadsheet on our Google drives, so that we could write down some shopping products and its brands, and prices. Then when we added our prices together, we were to pick a cost in a bucket that our teacher prepared for us. I had to take some of my shopping products out and get the right amount of change. The rest of my money is going to be my savings!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Money: Shopping & Change W2T3

Me and the rest of my maths class had learned about decimals and shopping with money. We went over some problems to warm up our brain for the real essay. The problems in this presentation above my writing was so easy. It wasn't challenging and hard, I thought it was a easy peasy activity. For the next paragraph I will get one of the problems from the presentation and solve it, I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment.

Explanation Writing W2T3

How we spend money all depends on what we think we need and want. This essay will explain the differences between what a ‘need’ is and what a ‘want’ is.

What is a ‘want’?
If I were to describe a ‘want’ it would be describe as you begging or talking about something you desire mostly. A ‘want’ is something or someone you really like or feel strong about, it is also something or someone you hope for. Sometimes you would say, “I would die for it.” When you are ‘wanting’ for something, you would need to think carefully about what you are spending on.
     What is a ‘need’?
Did you know that a ‘need’ is a necessity? Necessity means that you would need important things like clothes, food, water, shoes, and many more. When you ‘need’ something you are specifically wanting something. You ‘need’ water so that you don’t get dehydrated, and you really need food for you body to keep you going and for more energy. Clothes you need because people would be thinking weirdly, and you need shoes to keep your feet and toes warm from the cold and also to keep you from stepping on dangerous objects. We ‘need’ enough food in our homes to keep our lives still living, rather than spending our money on things that are not very important.

   Why is a ‘need’ more important than a ‘want’?

A ‘need’ is more important than a ‘want’ because when you are ‘needing’ for something, you get that thing, but when you ‘want’ something, you wouldn't get it. ‘Need’ is important because it is also necessity, and necessity is making sure that we have food, water, clothes, shoes, and many more. Why do we ‘need’? - Because ‘needing’ something is more valuable than a ‘want’!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Change - Term 3 Week 1

Today me and the rest of my maths group was just to write in 5 ways of how we would re-write $68.20. We could re-write in money and we had to write in bold letters or numbers. We just had to make sure that we could re-write the problem in 5 ways. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy this blog post!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Baby Brother Cassius

This photo right here is of my beautiful baby brother Cassius, he is so cute, he makes me so happy! He does cry a lot and he does get hungry very fast. Sometimes I would give him to my mum, because he is a very heavy baby. I love my baby brother so much, and I know that he loves me back. Did you know that all my family members has said that Cassius looks exactly like my other brother named Sam when he was a baby. I agreed to there opinion.  

Did I mention that Cassius, is a very happy baby? That is meaning that he loves to play with kids and adults. He also loves to see new people that he hasn't meet before. "Cassius is so cute," said my aunt. All of my family loves Cassius because he is a very listenable baby and me and my family think that he would be wise when he grows up. 

Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed my blog post about my baby brother Cassius.

Rebekah Trade & Enterprise 2015

My task for today was to make a new presentation in my Google drive and then I was to call the presentation my name and TRADE & ENTERPRISE because trade & enterprise is our school topic. I was to make a new slide and write down the products that I brought in my holidays to this week right now. Then when that was done I was to write down my emotions of how I brought the products. When that finish I was to write on two sides WANT & NEED, when that was done my teacher Mrs Moala told me to put this on my blog which I am doing now and to write a paragraph that describe what this is, which I am doing right now again. I hope you like my presentation and this paragraph, Please leave a comment!

Friday, 17 July 2015

My Favourite Youtuber!!!

Hi guys, this amazing person is my most favourite you-tuber in the whole entire world. He is funny, he is scary, and he makes me smile every time I watch his video's. His real name is IIsa but what people call him is TWAIMZ. He is apart of a vine company. Vine is the meaning of making short funny videos for people to search or look at when they are bored or to just have a little laugh. He loves LLAMA's like me and also answers people questions on his video's. 

When I first saw Twaimz, I thought that he was boring, but when I started to watch a bit of his video's on youtube, I thought that he was a fantastic person to watch. He is Owesome, with an O!! One thing that you should know about Twaimz, is his personality, he does get upset when people talk behind his back. Please leave a comment and if you want to know much about TWAIMZ, let me know, I will tell you every thing about him!!! Here is a link to his youtube channel!!! Hope you enjoy!!

My Holiday In Hamilton

So far in my holiday, I have been in Hamilton with my cousins, aunty and uncle. I have had so much fun and I have spend so many time with my cousins. My holiday is going so awesome! I've played with my cousins, and watched funny video's with them. I wish I had lived in Hamilton, because I could be close to the other part of my family, but things don't really happen. There are some many things I could do in Hamilton like playing, watching videos, going out to places (Hamilton city) and many more. Have you ever been to Hamilton city?

When I arrived in Hamilton, I hugged my cousins and aunty/uncle, and I quickly chucked my bags in my cousins room so that we could go to Hamilton city. We brought new shoes and clothes well we were there. It was so surprising that my cousins wanted to buy high heals for the first time, she would always say that it was a boring type of shoe. It was one of the best days when I was in Hamilton!

I hope that you liked this blog post about me in Hamilton and what has been going on in my holiday. Please leave a comment and I hope that you enjoyed!!!!!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

College Speech By........

Today, we had special visitors visit our school to talk to me and the rest of the year 8 students about college and about Tamaki college. There were 6 students and 2 teachers from Tamaki college who talked about college and about how it works and how it is. The first thing that they did was that, they introduced themselves, and one of the teachers from Tamaki college which is named is Miss. Moore had asked questions to the 6 student from Tamaki college and they were to answer them. She had amazing questions. Then when she was done, we asked them questions. There was a lot of interesting and funny questions. I asked a question and that was, "Is college hard." The 6 students said "no". So I was very surprised because I thought it would be hard and because college sounds hard. I really enjoyed the speech by the 6 Tamaki college speakers, and did you know that the 6 speakers use to come to Pt England. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed!

Disagree Or Agree


My task for today was to write about which subject I were to choose out of. I was to agree or disagree of the problem that people are putting against. Here are the subject I were to pick from, I were to pick one to write about. Cell phones should be banned from school. PES should not have school uniform. I choose to write about cell phones being banned because I thought it would be a amazing article to write about.

I disagree about banning cell phones from bringing to school. Did you know that, cell phones has become an important communication tool that is used by people all over the world to keep in contact with each other at any time? So that is one reason why we should have cell phones at school to contact. We shouldn’t ban it because I am positive that cell phones can be helpful!

I disagree with those who think that cell phones shouldn’t be used at school, because cell phones can be helpful to search for things when you are missing something and it can help you to contact your parents or others when you are lost. Is a cell phone helpful to you and are you positive that it is a awesome device, tool, and technology for using?

Possible I think that a cell phone is a handy type of tool because if you get bored of working during class time you could get your phone out of your bag or something else and your headphones to listen to music. Just make sure that your teacher doesn’t catch you, because you might get in trouble. Another tip to avoid working during class time, you could play games on your cell phone, but again just make sure that you don’t get in trouble.

What is the point of bringing a cell phone to school? The point of bringing a cell phone is because, It can used for many educational things like research, projects, calculators, and even putting in important dates when my or your homework assignment or a project is due. You can also use a phone to call or text your parents if maybe you forgot your lunch at home, or if you need to get picked up after school.

I hope you understand why I think that we shouldn’t ban cell phones at school and, I hope you carry on this to another person who thinks negative about bringing that kind of device to school. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed my writing.