Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Baby Brother Cassius

This photo right here is of my beautiful baby brother Cassius, he is so cute, he makes me so happy! He does cry a lot and he does get hungry very fast. Sometimes I would give him to my mum, because he is a very heavy baby. I love my baby brother so much, and I know that he loves me back. Did you know that all my family members has said that Cassius looks exactly like my other brother named Sam when he was a baby. I agreed to there opinion.  

Did I mention that Cassius, is a very happy baby? That is meaning that he loves to play with kids and adults. He also loves to see new people that he hasn't meet before. "Cassius is so cute," said my aunt. All of my family loves Cassius because he is a very listenable baby and me and my family think that he would be wise when he grows up. 

Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed my blog post about my baby brother Cassius.


Angela Moala said...

Rebekah! You new little brother is so cute! What a very lucky little boy to have you as a big sister! Wow! What a great responsibility you now have to be a good role model for your newest little brother!

Rebekah said...

Thanks for your feedback Mrs Moala

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