Monday, 26 August 2013

Cross Country

During a hot sunny day point england school had a cross country fun run. We had our cross country on 22nd of August. So If we come 1st 2nd or 3rd it is so cool because we get to go to the interzones to compete other schools.

When Mr.Burt said,”Its time for the 10 year old girls run know”. I was had butterfly’s in my stomach but  I came 3rd out of the 10 year old girls.  I was so proud and tried at the same time. When I got my water I finished it in 10 seconds. That was the fastest time I ever drank water.

When I was running I saw the field that we had to run around for a short period of time. It Felt like an 1 hour past but we got back at the same time as the 10 year old boys. It was a really cool run.

But When I saw the finish line I speeded up so fast because I wanted to go to the interzone so badly to compete other school’s. I’m so proud of myself because I came 3rd people year 3rd WooHoo!

The Moral Of The Story:
Its 100% True
Still be proud of yourself if you didn’t come first.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Goldilocks and the three bears moral of the story

Once upon a time there lived a bear family. In their family there was a large papa bear, a middle sized mother bear and last but not least a little baby bear. Large papa bear is polite to his neighbours and mother bear teaches her neighbours how to make new recapiecies and baby bear is just a bully at school. He is a naughty naughty bear. When it was the afternoon mother bear was making a delicious pudding for her and baby bear and papa bear. It was too hot so they decided to let it cool down and see the beavers family's new baby. When they had lifted a little girl called goldilocks was picking flowers outside of the bears family’s cottage. She said in her head, “what an ugly cottage the bear family has”. She peeked inside and saw the pudding on the kitchen table. The pudding had cooled down so goldilocks tasted everyone of the bear family’s pudding. She tasted  papa bears but it was too large for her so she moved on to mother bears but it was also a little big so she tried baby bears and it was just right.
She also tried their chairs but it was like the pudding but she had broken baby bear's chair.
After that she had followed asleep on baby bear bed. When the bear family had arrived at their cottage they saw the mess that goldilocks had made. They went up stairs and saw her sleeping but when she woke up she had run off but baby bear said, “It’s alright I forgive you for the mess you made”. So  goldilocks and the bear family lived happily ever after. The End.

The moral of the story was to forgive people who does the wrong things and to not break into there stuff.

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Goldilocks and the three bears

Once upon a time there lived a family of bears. In their family there was a baby bear,mother bear and a father. The father bear was polite to his neighbour and a special beaver family.

When it was morning time Mother bear was making some delicious pudding for breakfast. Father bear and baby bear was asleep but when they smelled the beautiful pudding in the kitchen. They got up and strange and away went into the kitchen.

Mother bear said, “no don’t eat it know because it is too hot and you might burn your mouth”. So they decided to see the beavers new baby so that the pudding called cool down.

Once the bear family had lifted, goldilocks was outside picking some flowers!  She peck inside and saw the pudding on the kitchen table. “Emm”,She said. Pudding just for me. She tasted father bears pudding but it was so hot and the blow was big so goldilocks couldn't finish it. When she had eaten mother bears it was just right. Baby bear was too small.

She tried to set on father bears chair but it was too big so she tried mother bears but it was a little bit big but when she tried baby bears chair she had broke it. After that she was so tired she was sleeping on baby bear’s bed.

The bear family had came back and saw the mess that goldilocks has made and they also saw her sleeping on baby bear’s bed. She was so scared she was running away but baby bear forgave her so baby bear and goldilocks were friend and they lived happily ever after. The End.                                                                   

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

 Little Red Riding Hood!!!!

Once Upon a time there was a little girl called little red riding hood. She had to do a thing for her mum because her grandmother was sick. Her mother packed some special food for her grandmother. So after a few more hours little red riding hood setted off into the forest.
When little red riding hood was walking to her grandmother’s house she met a wolf who wanted to eat her so badly. He talked to her and said, “where are you going”. Little red riding hood said, “I’m going to my grandmother’s house because she is sick”.
So the wolf run to her grandmother’s house and ate poor grandmother. When little red riding hood had arrived at her grandmother's house she was looking at her grandmother because she looked really strange. Little red riding hood was saying, “Grandmother what big ears you have and what big teeth you have”. Than jump out of the bed was the wolf but when the woodcutter came to grandmother’s house he had killed the wolf.

The Moral Of the story was do not talk to stranger especially a wolf!!!!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Ugly Duckling Writing

Once upon a time an old farm there lived a family of ducklings. In their family a mother duckling laid six new eggs. In the afternoon the eggs had hatched. But guess what, one egg was taking too long to hatch and it had grown bigger and bigger. After a few more hours it had finally hatched and was picking at its shell.

When the last little duckling had came out of its shell it did not look like its brothers or its mother. It had grey feathers instead of yellow feathers. The duckling was also ugly. His brothers kept on teasing him and also scorning him. “Poor, poor little ugly duckling”,Said his mother.

In the middle of the night poor poor ugly duckling run to all the ponds in the country so he could ask other birds who he is. But they keep on laughing at him and keep on saying go away.
The poor ugly duckling was so
sad but one afternoon there was an old lady who gave the ugly duckling food so he could get fat and so she could eat him all up. When he finally knows what was going on he lifted quietly.

Poor ugly duckling! After a few more minutes he fell asleep and then a farmer found him in the middle of his paddock. So the nice farmer gave it to his kids so they could look after poor little duckling. After a few days the ugly duckling turned into a pretty duckling and he was so astounded and he and the farmers kids lived happily ever after. The End.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Friend Writing

Do you know what a friends is? It is someone who plays with you and also tells jokes to you. There the person who makes you happy when you play with them and the person who loves you like your family as well. They are also people who are carrying to you. Do you know what makes a good friend? How you make a good friends is to play with them and be kind and nice as well. If they are new show them the way around your new school. Take care of them and keep them safe too. Do you know why your friends are important? They are important because they are your friends so you have to respect them like your family. Friends are you family as well.
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