Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

 Little Red Riding Hood!!!!

Once Upon a time there was a little girl called little red riding hood. She had to do a thing for her mum because her grandmother was sick. Her mother packed some special food for her grandmother. So after a few more hours little red riding hood setted off into the forest.
When little red riding hood was walking to her grandmother’s house she met a wolf who wanted to eat her so badly. He talked to her and said, “where are you going”. Little red riding hood said, “I’m going to my grandmother’s house because she is sick”.
So the wolf run to her grandmother’s house and ate poor grandmother. When little red riding hood had arrived at her grandmother's house she was looking at her grandmother because she looked really strange. Little red riding hood was saying, “Grandmother what big ears you have and what big teeth you have”. Than jump out of the bed was the wolf but when the woodcutter came to grandmother’s house he had killed the wolf.

The Moral Of the story was do not talk to stranger especially a wolf!!!!

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muamua said...

Hi Rebeckah,
I love the way you added some interesting worlds on Little Red Ridding Hood and please KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKXOXOXOX.

Lv From you Friend Muamua,L

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