Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Goldilocks and the three bears moral of the story

Once upon a time there lived a bear family. In their family there was a large papa bear, a middle sized mother bear and last but not least a little baby bear. Large papa bear is polite to his neighbours and mother bear teaches her neighbours how to make new recapiecies and baby bear is just a bully at school. He is a naughty naughty bear. When it was the afternoon mother bear was making a delicious pudding for her and baby bear and papa bear. It was too hot so they decided to let it cool down and see the beavers family's new baby. When they had lifted a little girl called goldilocks was picking flowers outside of the bears family’s cottage. She said in her head, “what an ugly cottage the bear family has”. She peeked inside and saw the pudding on the kitchen table. The pudding had cooled down so goldilocks tasted everyone of the bear family’s pudding. She tasted  papa bears but it was too large for her so she moved on to mother bears but it was also a little big so she tried baby bears and it was just right.
She also tried their chairs but it was like the pudding but she had broken baby bear's chair.
After that she had followed asleep on baby bear bed. When the bear family had arrived at their cottage they saw the mess that goldilocks had made. They went up stairs and saw her sleeping but when she woke up she had run off but baby bear said, “It’s alright I forgive you for the mess you made”. So  goldilocks and the bear family lived happily ever after. The End.

The moral of the story was to forgive people who does the wrong things and to not break into there stuff.

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