Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Last Days Of School

At Pt England school there are three new classes on our school field. There for kids to move into them like house but at school. I don't know what's going on but I know that kids are shifting into brand new classes. I think it looks all right but where are they going? They are really big classes. I think the kids would like having new classes.

If you were here you would of gone wow those are big classes. I think our old classes are get bust down but I think we stay in the same class rooms. I can't wait to see what it looks like inside. I would want a class room like that.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

This is our Cause and Effect Rap

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My Netbook Reflection 2013

My wonderful teachers are awesome because they are caring reliable and also nice (sometimes). Teachers are really cool. I love my netbook because its the most coolest learning tool and it is awesome because you also get to go on the internet.
I love learning from my family as well. When I am stuck on my work or I am angry my family always there to help me and make sure I try and try. I would help kids to be nice and respectful to each other. I listen and respect my teacher because I want to get better at what I haven’t done right and listen because I need to.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I Heard A Whisper

Once in a mysterious hobbit town there lived a wizard. He was so evil he lived in a dark forest that had bad whispers.  Whisper here whisper there, lot’s of bad whispers. His house was made out of a tree, he made evil positions and scary ghost’s so nobody could enter his forest but only when the whispers lead the people into his forest.

“Hahahaha”,he said! He made a position that would make the whispers louder so when people hear it he will make them come to his forest than eat them. Evil wizard. There is a book about him and people think it is made up but he is true. If no one believes in him he will take their heart and eat them all up. His whispers do the trick.

“Come on john follow me follow me”,said a whisper. “who are you”said john? It was 1:00 o'clock in the morning and everyone was in bed. He heard it again then followed it. It lead him to the forest where the wizard lived. Hahaha. He heard the wizard laughing and laughing so he went to the wizards house and knocked on the door. “Is anyone home”,said john? “I am”,said the wizard. BOOOOO went the wizard then got a knife to kill john but john ran as fast as he could and never wanted to go back.

“Wisp Wisp Wisp Wisp Wisp”, said the whispers. You could hear a little girls voice. Mummy daddy help me help me. When the people die they turn into the whispers and then they turn into evil ones. The wizard came out. Boom Boom went the machine guns shooting everywhere. BOOM BOOM. Ahhhh you could hear that they wizard was dead. His soul and heart was gone somewhere so they put there torch on. We had killed the wizard. WOOHOO! They look at the whispers. The people had came back to life. We did it.

The End.

Monday, 11 November 2013

My educreations Maths Questions

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The Weekend

Did you watch the sliver fern's and south africa?
It was so cool to watch me eye's were stuck on the televison. I love netball. The sliver fern's won by getting 3 and 2 points in. The change it into fast 5. It is better than the other netball because the crowd where funny clothes and funny hairs. They all looked funny. I laughed so loud my nana said,"shhhhhh stop laughing"! There was 5 women that dressed as super sliver fern hero's. It was an awesome game and close as well.

Did you watch the all black's vs the mighty england team?
It was an awesome game as well. I loved it so much. Have you played rugby before?
I have. Don't play it because it is pretty rough but if you want a shot just go ahead. I loved that game because New Zealand won. WOOHOO WOOHOO!
Hope you watched the game!

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Plane Writing - Edited Version

“Yay we are at AUSTRALIA!”said John “Don’t make your blood sugar rise you freak!”said Ana “What did you say?”said John “Stop arguing!”said dad “Lets go find us a hotel for tomorrow when we get to England!”said Mum “Come on lets go we are almost late!” said mum “May I have 5 tickets to go to England please?”said dad “Yes!”said the women at the counter “Lets go kids!”said mum.

“We are finally on the plane!”said John “I have go to the bathroom”said Alli. Stomp Stomp went Alli. “OMG there are snakes on the plane!”said Alli “Mum I’m scared!”said Ana. AHHHHHHHHHHHH went everybody on the plane!

“I love you Ana I love you too!”said John BOOM BOOM went the Plane!!!!!!!!! Help on The way!
“Reporting live there has been a big plane crash!”said the new report Oww no Ana and them were in that plane Everyone must of died but wait one kid came out of the plane it was John!! Ana and the rest didn’t make it but They still prayed for them!

Another plane came to help all the other people that survived and they got John to safety! John said,”When I have a job my job will be to protect people on a plane and check every time that snakes are not on the planes”!

The End

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Plane Writing

“Yay we are at AUSTRALIA!”said John “Don’t make your blood sugar rise you freak!”said Ana “What did you say?”said John “Stop arguing!”said dad “Lets go find us a hotel for tomorrow when we get to England!”said Mum “Come on lets go we are almost late!” said mum “May I have 5 tickets to go to England please?”said dad “Yes!”said the women at the counter “Lets go kids!”said mum.

“We are finally on the plane!”said John “I have go to the bathroom”said Alli. Stomp Stomp went Alli. “OMG there are snakes on the plane!”said Alli “Mum I’m scared!”said Ana. AHHHHHHHHHHHH went everybody on the plane!

“I love you Ana I love you too!”said John BOOM BOOM went the Plane!!!!!!!!! Help on The way!
“Reporting live there has been a big plane crash!”said the new report Oww no Ana and them were in that plane Everyone must of died but wait one kid came out of the plane it was John!! Ana and the rest didn’t make it but They still prayed for them!

Another plane came to help all the other people that survived and they got John to safety! John said,”When I have a job my job will be to protect people on a plane and check every time that snakes are not on the planes”!

The End

Friday, 25 October 2013

Farming writing - A better version

In a little mysterious town, there lived a family that was really good at looking after their food and plants. Nick was really angry because he didn’t like crops and plants. He wanted to destroy the farm. Nick was the oldest out of them and he would get anything even if he was naughty in front of his parents. “Nick get over here”,said mum! Mum saw a plan that nick wrote on a big piece of white paper. It was a plan to destroy the farm. “Naughty naughty boy”,said mum quitely!

Nick went outside quietly and tipped toed. He started the fire up. “I smell something on fire outside”,said dad. “What are you doing Nick”,said mum? “Stop doing the fire Nick”,said dad! Dad called the fire men. Broom Broom the fire men was here. “Hello my name is john how may I help you”,said the fire men. “My son is putting a huge fire out the back, hurry know it might be bigger now go go fix it”, said mum! Splash Splash went the water. The fire went out. “Yay the fire stopped woohoo”,said dad.

“Nick what in the world is going on with you have gone crazy and wild what were you thinking”,said dad? “Its ok son lets start fresh tomorrow”,said mum! “Lets get some rest”, said Tom, Nick’s brother. So the fire tidy all the mess and put some more fresh flowers in the garden and water the crops on the farm.

Nick said, “I’ll never act like that again and I promise that I will look after our farm for this day”!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Farming Writing

Once in a little town there lived a family that was really good at looking after their food and plants but one day one of the brothers were sick of eat vegetables and crops. He got so mad he wanted the farm to be destroyed. His mother was not happy that he was acting like this and being really disrespectful. They tried everyday to clam nick down but nick throw’s a glass of water in Tom’s face. Tom had got angry and started to have a fight but their old farmer father said, “STOP IT, THAT’S IT GO TO YOUR ROOMS AND STAY IN THEIR”! Nick was really angry.

Nick got what he wanted. He got a lighter and some oil to burn down the farm. He sneaked outside of his room and started the fire. He was super happy! His father could smell it. “What’s going on out here?” Said the father. “Nick what are you doing?”,said mum. “I don’t want crops and plants anymore, I’m sick of it”,said nick. “Well you gotta live with it mate”,said dad! But nick keep on doing the fire. “I hate you dad,I hate you mum I don’t want the farm anymore”,said nick.

They called the fire men really quickly. “Hey buddy can you stop doing the fire please”,said the fire men. nick still did the fire. The fire men put the water on. Splash Splash went the water taking out the fire. “You're lucky you didn’t make a big fire mate because you could of burn down your house”,said the fire men.

The old farmer father was really mad at nick but they started fresh the next day and nick promised that he wouldn’t be so angry like the other day’s.

The End.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


I love games because there fun and they are really cool to play! Games are so cool. You love to play them when you first see it. It looks so fun when you see a game? RIGHT! Some are boring and some are fun! Do like GAMES? I really do! Would you like to play a game right know?


Today I went to church. I love church because I get to learn about god and Jesus. I always pray from these day forward. I love church because I learn about God and the holy bible. I am always going church know! I love church! I want to be a friend of gods! I go to Sunday school, Its where the kids go to learn about God.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Farm Question

1. Who would want to make farm's?
2. When did farmer's start farming?
3. What can I do to protect animal's?
4. Where did the word farm come from?
5. Why would we protect animals?

Monday, 7 October 2013


Have you seen someone sew? I have because my nana is sewing right know. It is so cool because she is sewing a Tivavae. It is like a planet but it is for birthday's for the cook Island'er. I like watching her sew it. I like to sew some days.

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My Dairy

Look I have a new dairy and look at it when I open it! There is a notebook and some other book's that is like the notebook but one is like, you flip it up so then you could write on it.

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Do you like food? I do because when I'm hungry it fill's up my tummy. I love food because it is delicious. What kind of food do you like? I like KFC and McDonald's and Pizza. They are so delicious. Did you know that when you are hungry food makes your stomach better and not making nose. Always eat food.

Singing and Dancing

Do you like singing or dancing? I like dancing because it is so much fun and it is cool. I love dancing! Do you? Well you should? Jokes you don't need to like dancing you just like it if you do. Well I like dancing because it is fun! I very love dancing. Singing is maybe 56% for me. Its alright but for some kids it is cool. I love dancing. I danced in a production for my school. You should of came because it was cool and a lot of people came. It was massive! I dance hard out and gave it all my best! That is why I love dancing! Give it your best. My favourite dance is HIP HOP!

Saturday, 5 October 2013


Who thinks water is good? I do because it gives you a lot of power. Water is really good for you. Don't drink coloured drinks because are filled of sugar and they are not good for you. Really drink water. I think water is fantastic and it is very good for you so that is why I always drink it. Drink water!


Have you been to the movies before? It is so cool. You can watch all kinds of movies like cartoon movies scary movies and a heap of a lot. Movies are so cool. My favourite one is a cartoon one and it is called lion king. I love love movies! Have you watched lion king. It is a old movie right know but I don't care I still like it. Watch movies because are so fantastic.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Do you like shopping? I do because I got a new dress from shopping. It is so beautiful. Shopping is cool because you can get new stuff like a dress for girls and a new suit for boy's. I love shopping. Its so amazing. Shopping is like getting thing you want but don't get to greedy. Shopping is fantastic. Try shopping some day even if you don't have money just look thing's that you bye and you could save you're money for the thing that you want to shop. Hope you like my quick writing about shopping.


Do you like taking pictures? I do because I like putting it of my backround on my netbook. I love taking photo. Its cool. Pictures are so cool to me and they are fun as well you can do funny faces or smile or do sad and angry faces. Its so cool. Here are some picture of some cartoon's.

Night Time

Do you like it when it is night? I don't because I can't sleep. I sleep at 12:00 pm. I hate the night. Its freaky because I think about scary stuff. I am always scared but I dream of things that I like. Night is scary and alright.

Information About The Sun

  • The Sun is a star found at the center of the Solar System.

  • It makes up around 99.86% of the Solar System’s mass.
  • At around 1,392,000 kilometres (865,000 miles) wide, the Sun’s diameter is about 110 times wider than Earth’s.
  • Around 74% of the Sun’s mass is made up of hydrogen. Helium makes up around 24% while heavier elements such as oxygen, carbon, iron and neon make up the remaining percentage.
  • Light from the Sun reaches Earth in around 8 minutes.
  • The Sun’s surface temperature is around 5500 degrees Celsius (9941 degrees Fahrenheit), so pack plenty of sunscreen if you plan on visiting (remembering that the average distance from the Sun to the Earth is around 150 million kilometers).
  • The Sun’s core is around 13600000 degrees Celsius!
  • The Sun generates huge amounts of energy by combining hydrogen nuclei into helium. This process is called nuclear fusion.
  • Because of the Sun’s huge influence on Earth, many early cultures saw the Sun as a deity or god. For example, Ancient Egyptians had a sun god called Ra while in Aztec mythology there is a sun god named Tonatiuh.
  • The Sun produces a solar wind which contains charged particles such as electrons and protons. They escape the Sun’s intense gravity because of their high kinetic energy and the high temperature of the Sun’s corona (a type of plasma atmosphere that extends into space).
  • Planets with strong magnetic fields such as Earth manage to deflect most of these charged particles as they approach.
  • A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth.


Do you have a phone? Do you think phones are cool? I don't I think they are just like the T.V. but you can text and play game's. They are boring to me but lucky my ant has a tablet that has so much cool games I can spend all my time on it. I hate phones because in the morning I have to wake and get it for my grandmother to answer it. I am so tried to get the phones every time it rings to I just leave if my grandmothers doing the washing because she can't here it. I'm so tricky.


Sleeping is good for you because you grow and you rest your eye's for the next day. When you sleep you maybe can hear your dad snoring. Maybe he has to put a pillow over his face when he sleep's. Sleeping is really good. When you sleep do you have  dreams? I don't because when I sleep it is blank black. I love sleeping. When I go to sleep at 12:00 pm I sleep until 1:00 in the afternoon. That is why I love sleeping. I'm dead asleep when I go to sleep late. I'm really dead asleep.

Presentation About Me

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The Ocean

The Ocean is so beautiful and wonderful. It looks so pretty. I like the Ocean. You can swim relax and enjoy you're self at the Ocean. It is so cool. The Ocean is bad as well but it is fun to swim in. The Ocean alright and I think it is better than going to the pools. Even if the water's cold I still hope in because I get to swim. I love the Ocean and the beach. Its awesome.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Maths Whizz

I have been on maths whizz. It is a learning tool that I do at school. It is so amazing. You get to do so many maths stuff and cool activity's. It is so cool ans awesome. Maths whizz is a really cool learning tool and it helps you understand maths. There is some challenging that you can do with your friend if you replay the maths activity that have done. Maths whizz is so fun to me that I had spend 70 minutes on it and my score in total is 215. That's a lot. Try maths whizz. You even have your own bedroom.

Writing Television

Today I am going to write about television. I like watching television but sometime's it is boring. I like watching cartoons but not boring movies. Know that we have sky we can watch anything. T.V. is so boring but if I see interesting thing I watch it. Right know I'm watching travel channel because of my grandma and grandpa. I hate watching it! But any ways I watch it. Television is boring and cool but not exciting. The End.


Do you play with toys? I do even if I'm 10 years old. Toys are cool and fun. They are the things that keeps my brother from crying. Toys are so cool to play with and sleep with but sometimes it is kind of scary if you have a clown toy. They are freaky. Toys are cool and awesome and amazing but they are sometimes boring but any ways it makes my brother happy. The End.

Monday, 30 September 2013


Zombies on movie's freak me out. They look so real but they just where make up. Zombies like to eat brains and humans. Zombies they are sometimes scary but not that fantastic. Do you know what I mean? People like dressing as them for scary party's and all kinds of stuff. Zombies are my favourite monsters. I love zombies and vampires.  

My Family


Have you tasted chocolate before? Its Yum! Chocolate so yum I can eat a whole packet. I love Chocolate. You can make chocolate out of any thing like chocolate cake,chocolate cupcakes and chocolate roses. I love chcoclate

Cook Island

Have you been to the Cook Island. I haven't but I want to go there. Do you know what the places in the Cook Island are? There's Aitutki,Rorotonga,atiu and mangaia. They are the places in the Cook Islands. I love to go there!


Have you tasted bread before? Bread is so yum with butter,jam,peanut butter, and sometimes honey. Bread is so yummy to me. Have you have toasted bread. Its yummy as well. Bread is so really yum but not grain bread its yucky to me. I like white and brown bread. Wheat bread is yucky.

Yummy Yum Bread! 

This Is Me

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Have you listen to music before? Music is so good to sing and dance too as well. I love music. Music all day! Listen to music!


Have you cooked before? I haven't but I can cook noddles. I hate how I cook its really terrible. I am not really good at cooking but I want to get better. Cooking is not about having yummy food its just about having fun to me.


I love playing sports! The most sport I love playing is rugby. Its so cool! My second one is netball. Its alright. Sports is so amazing try it some day.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sunday, 22 September 2013


I like learning with my teacher and do many activity with them as well. Teachers are really cool because they help me learn about many stuff and they are also cool because some teachers like to play and they sometimes teaches us how to play and also to be a good friend. They help us a lot and teach us to become champions. Pt England School is the most school's that has won the year 5 and 6 rugby champions. I'm one of those girls that won the champion ships awards. I love my teachers!!!! 

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Boy Who Flew Too High

This is a myth about a boy who flew too high:

The myth of how Daedalus made wings out of feathers and wax and flew away from imprisonment by King Minos on the island of Crete. His son Icarus ignored his warnings and flew too close to the sun.

Have you ever heard of a half man-half bull called the Minotaur?
Well this is a strange and terrible beast that lives in a deep and dark Labyrinth on the island of Crete. Well you may remember that the Labyrinth was created by the cunning and ingenious mind of Daedalus.

Daedalus was a brilliant architect and inventor. He was so brilliant that king Minos didn’t want him to go back home to Athens. Instead king Minos kept him in prison and lived in his tower with his son Icarus and invented new weapons for his war and navy.

Even if Daedalus and Icarus had every comfort that they could ask for the father would still longed to return home to Athens. His son hardly remembered his home city, but he too wanted to leave, because he longed to run and play in the open, rather than be in a tower all day.

Daedalus looked out over the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, and he realised that even if they could manage to slip out of the tower and find a little boat, they wouldn’t  be able to sail very far before they were spotted and caught by one of the ships of King Minos’s navy.

The End.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Weekends

The weekends have been really boring but its al right know because I get to play on my uncle and ants ipad and ipod. I love playing them . I always have to do chores but after that I get some treats and KFC. its is so yum!! I hope you liked you're weekends.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Raps about Reading

Hi my name is rebekah and this is a rap about reading and how reading when you read a book. You should really listern and enjoy!! In fact this rap is funny as well so I hope you listern and enjoy the best rap I ever made with my friend. Hope you enjoy!!!!

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Three Wolves And Goldilocks

Once upon a time there lived three wolves and a evil little girl named goldilocks. The three wolfs loved each other but they got split up by a massive evilness power. Goldilocks had a lot of power like darkness.

She loved people destroyed and splitted apart for ever. She didn't like happily ever after story’s. She only liked bad stories like her father but after a few weeks her power disappeared from something that was really strange.

It was her father that took her powers away because she was destroying every thing like families homes food and shelter. She was doing the wrong thing but when her powers were gone she changed into a nice helper and a generous friend.

The three wolves were still afraid of goldilocks but when they saw her helping and being wonderful they saw light in her and not darkness, but when the three wolves said,”Hello”. Goldilocks looked at them and said, “Hello have we meet”. The wolves said quietly, “Why doesn't she know us, Its al right we will start fresh with her”.

So they started fresh with goldilocks and they agreed that they would be kind for the rest of their lives and also agreed to be a perfect family.

                                         The End.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rhyming Couplet

A couplet is a two line poem or a rhyming lyrics. The last word of each line rhymes. 

1.  Tumble like a book
But be careful to look.

2. Fly like a kite
To see much height.

3. Get a perfect baker
To make a perfect maker.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Cross Country

During a hot sunny day point england school had a cross country fun run. We had our cross country on 22nd of August. So If we come 1st 2nd or 3rd it is so cool because we get to go to the interzones to compete other schools.

When Mr.Burt said,”Its time for the 10 year old girls run know”. I was had butterfly’s in my stomach but  I came 3rd out of the 10 year old girls.  I was so proud and tried at the same time. When I got my water I finished it in 10 seconds. That was the fastest time I ever drank water.

When I was running I saw the field that we had to run around for a short period of time. It Felt like an 1 hour past but we got back at the same time as the 10 year old boys. It was a really cool run.

But When I saw the finish line I speeded up so fast because I wanted to go to the interzone so badly to compete other school’s. I’m so proud of myself because I came 3rd people year 3rd WooHoo!

The Moral Of The Story:
Its 100% True
Still be proud of yourself if you didn’t come first.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Goldilocks and the three bears moral of the story

Once upon a time there lived a bear family. In their family there was a large papa bear, a middle sized mother bear and last but not least a little baby bear. Large papa bear is polite to his neighbours and mother bear teaches her neighbours how to make new recapiecies and baby bear is just a bully at school. He is a naughty naughty bear. When it was the afternoon mother bear was making a delicious pudding for her and baby bear and papa bear. It was too hot so they decided to let it cool down and see the beavers family's new baby. When they had lifted a little girl called goldilocks was picking flowers outside of the bears family’s cottage. She said in her head, “what an ugly cottage the bear family has”. She peeked inside and saw the pudding on the kitchen table. The pudding had cooled down so goldilocks tasted everyone of the bear family’s pudding. She tasted  papa bears but it was too large for her so she moved on to mother bears but it was also a little big so she tried baby bears and it was just right.
She also tried their chairs but it was like the pudding but she had broken baby bear's chair.
After that she had followed asleep on baby bear bed. When the bear family had arrived at their cottage they saw the mess that goldilocks had made. They went up stairs and saw her sleeping but when she woke up she had run off but baby bear said, “It’s alright I forgive you for the mess you made”. So  goldilocks and the bear family lived happily ever after. The End.

The moral of the story was to forgive people who does the wrong things and to not break into there stuff.

listen to ‘Goldilocks and three bears Rebekah’ on Audioboo

Monday, 19 August 2013

Goldilocks and the three bears

Once upon a time there lived a family of bears. In their family there was a baby bear,mother bear and a father. The father bear was polite to his neighbour and a special beaver family.

When it was morning time Mother bear was making some delicious pudding for breakfast. Father bear and baby bear was asleep but when they smelled the beautiful pudding in the kitchen. They got up and strange and away went into the kitchen.

Mother bear said, “no don’t eat it know because it is too hot and you might burn your mouth”. So they decided to see the beavers new baby so that the pudding called cool down.

Once the bear family had lifted, goldilocks was outside picking some flowers!  She peck inside and saw the pudding on the kitchen table. “Emm”,She said. Pudding just for me. She tasted father bears pudding but it was so hot and the blow was big so goldilocks couldn't finish it. When she had eaten mother bears it was just right. Baby bear was too small.

She tried to set on father bears chair but it was too big so she tried mother bears but it was a little bit big but when she tried baby bears chair she had broke it. After that she was so tired she was sleeping on baby bear’s bed.

The bear family had came back and saw the mess that goldilocks has made and they also saw her sleeping on baby bear’s bed. She was so scared she was running away but baby bear forgave her so baby bear and goldilocks were friend and they lived happily ever after. The End.