Friday, 29 June 2012

Rebekah Term Two Reflection

This term I have learnt to make a presentations and also searching for clues or answers in the book. Have you heard that in assembly there is a korero called finish off your work properly ?

Do you know what comprehension means ? It means that you have to understand the story that you are reading and also finish it off . I think I have to show my reading in different ways so I could improve it to my teacher and also my family !!!! Do you want to improve your reading to someone ???? Showing examples to my teacher would be kind of frustrating . I love to answer questions because I like to turn them into writing so I could make it wonderful !!!!

I didn't like the way I done my reading because my report said , “I was below” , and I felt very sad and angry !!!! Finding awesomer in the books is very hard sometimes and it is not good with me. Also my reading task that I do it is not done properly and also it doesn't go well with myself . I don’t like to rush because it make my work difficult !!!!

I have to make my reading improve next year so I could have a great report !!!!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

PES Gallery of Fine Arts

When my class room 14 went in to the Art Gallery, we were so thrilled and ecstatic! Did you know that we were so lost in the art gallery because it look so cool ?

My friends saw some beautiful and pretty artwork and amazing paintings !!!

I liked how room 10  did some shiny Patterns because it looked great, good, and almost better then my artwork ! I hope that they are doing great things in their classroom.

Next year I hope that Pt. England will have Art Alive again so I could strive to succeed in my paintings and also drawings!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bee Presentation

This is my Bee Presentation and Hope you like it so much !!!!

Spider Presentation

This is my Spider Presentation and I wish that you like it !!!!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Bee presentation

Did you know that bees go to flowers so they cloud get nectar because did you know that they make it in to honey ?????? I heard that bees can sting people and it makes them feel sad !!! You better watch out because you mite get sting too.When bees talk they dance .

Clay Workshop

In the morning on Wednesday it was so cool because half of team 4 was going to youthtown on the noisy bus !!!

We were waiting for instructions from Sue and then room 14 went into the clay room so Sue could roll out some squishy and gooey clay . Did you know that Sue showed us some beautiful melted glass and also some examples of finished products . 

We cut the edges with a bamboo stick and there is some more things like rolling the extra pieces into long pieces called coils . We had to do careful designing and rolling out coils using our palms then fingers . Did you know that we had to stick the edges with slip? My friend Alarzae was doing team work with cowan !!!

The last thing that we did was just to stamp our names on to our clay projected .

Thursday, 21 June 2012

P.E.P.A. Show Case

Did you go and watch this show called P.E.P.A last night ???? Because I was in it and they were many things that I could sign up like project Rap, Models inc, Hip Hop,Break Dance,Show choir but I have already went into one dance and that was a culture dance , it was so amazing when I practise it !!!! The dance that me and my friends did were Samoa, Fiji, Cook Islands, and also moar . My tutor Timmy that was the one who trote me that fantastic dance got her some beautiful flowers from our cool principal Mr.Burt .

Friday, 15 June 2012

My Art Reflection Two

Art Reflection Two

1. How do you feel about the work you did? Why? I feel a little happy and a little sad because my colours were ok but when I painted I just made it worse and difficult !!!!

2. What do you feel that you did well? Why? Did you know that I just only did the colours alright and that's about it because I don’t think that I painted well ???

3. What do you feel you did not so well? Why? When I just painted because my first painting was just a drafted and I did really good on that but here came the nervous one it was the real one that me and my friends were supossed to do and then we did it but I didn’t make my work good !!!!!!!

4. What would you do differently next time? Why? Did you know that also I need to not keep on putting lots of water on my paper with the paint ?????

Give yourself a rating out of 5/10

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Andy Warhol Biography

I really enjoy looking at the bright colours and bold lines that are used for Andy Warhol’s art. Warhol was a pop artist who was full of life and talent and also he is a awesome man. Did you know that he was the man and the one who draws and silk screened celebrities ?

Did you know that he was born in August 6th 1928? He was born in USA. His lovely parents came from Slovakia. Andy had this Disease that is called Chorea Disease when he was 8 years old. He really desired to draw pictures of celebrities and his mum use to give him a chocolate ever time he finished a picture on his coloring book.

The college  that warhol went to was Schenley high school. The people at school were not his friends because he was very quiet then them and also because warhol had pale skin and white-blonde hair. Did you know that Warhol use to collect  celebrity autographed photos ? The university that Warhol went to was Carnegie Institute of Technology, where he graduated in 1949 with a major in pictorial design.

In the 1960’s Andy  began creating the paintings he is best known for today and also. Warhol had people in his factory like people were in films that he made, some were writers or artists, some were celebrities.

Andy Warhol was an admirable artistic and if he was still alive he would be proud of himself and also he is a great, awesome, fantastic, cool, and lovely man !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Art Reflection One

Art Reflection One
How do you feel about the work you did?
I feel pretty much sad about my work and I don’t think that my teacher was very happy with my bad art work !!!!!!!!! Do you like to be the only one that does not finish their work ? I don’t think so !!!!!!!!

What did you do Good?
I think that I just only done the colours allright .

What did you do Bad?
It was mostly my art work !!!!!!

What would you do differently next time?
I would make my art work cool and pretty for my teacher and I hope that I don’t need to keep on getting another sheet to colour in beautiful .

Give yourself a rating out of 5/10

Friday, 1 June 2012

Rebekah Swimming Recount

Swimming Recount

I felt ecstatic and thrilled  when room 14 was going to the swimming pool. Room 14 has been learning about swimming and trying to take care of themself  under water .  

When we always go to the swimming pools we make sure we get they in time because when we have to go to the pools we rush straight over. We take our uniform off and speedily get change in our togs.  Then we go to the showers so we have a quick  rines. I am in group one and I like my instructor. There are lots of boys and theres a little bit of girls. I don’t know  my  is my instructor name but its allright.

We are learning to do big strokes, kicking very,very hard , brain goggle cheek and rocket arms .   Can you hold on to a board when you are swimming?

I was good when we were doing swimming and I just want to swim for my life . I think I did well and and I want my instructor to be happy . I want to swim when I grow up .