Thursday, 14 June 2012

Andy Warhol Biography

I really enjoy looking at the bright colours and bold lines that are used for Andy Warhol’s art. Warhol was a pop artist who was full of life and talent and also he is a awesome man. Did you know that he was the man and the one who draws and silk screened celebrities ?

Did you know that he was born in August 6th 1928? He was born in USA. His lovely parents came from Slovakia. Andy had this Disease that is called Chorea Disease when he was 8 years old. He really desired to draw pictures of celebrities and his mum use to give him a chocolate ever time he finished a picture on his coloring book.

The college  that warhol went to was Schenley high school. The people at school were not his friends because he was very quiet then them and also because warhol had pale skin and white-blonde hair. Did you know that Warhol use to collect  celebrity autographed photos ? The university that Warhol went to was Carnegie Institute of Technology, where he graduated in 1949 with a major in pictorial design.

In the 1960’s Andy  began creating the paintings he is best known for today and also. Warhol had people in his factory like people were in films that he made, some were writers or artists, some were celebrities.

Andy Warhol was an admirable artistic and if he was still alive he would be proud of himself and also he is a great, awesome, fantastic, cool, and lovely man !!!!!!!!!

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