Friday, 1 June 2012

Rebekah Swimming Recount

Swimming Recount

I felt ecstatic and thrilled  when room 14 was going to the swimming pool. Room 14 has been learning about swimming and trying to take care of themself  under water .  

When we always go to the swimming pools we make sure we get they in time because when we have to go to the pools we rush straight over. We take our uniform off and speedily get change in our togs.  Then we go to the showers so we have a quick  rines. I am in group one and I like my instructor. There are lots of boys and theres a little bit of girls. I don’t know  my  is my instructor name but its allright.

We are learning to do big strokes, kicking very,very hard , brain goggle cheek and rocket arms .   Can you hold on to a board when you are swimming?

I was good when we were doing swimming and I just want to swim for my life . I think I did well and and I want my instructor to be happy . I want to swim when I grow up .

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