Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Andy Warhol Story

Did you know that Andy Warhol was shot three times by this woman called Valerie Solanas?  Andy Warhol is the man who created great pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Mohammed Ali. Andy Warhol is a very good artist and gentleman, he should be very proud of himself!

Warhol did popular art and he created popular people as pictures. I think that he was enjoying , creating  Marilyn Monroe and Mohammed Ail !!!!!!! I wish he was still alive because he could come to Pt. England School and tell us about his life .

It looks like he has nice bright colours and simple strong shapes in his paintings. Andy Warhol had bold outlines to make his paintings stand out and he was trying to get people to love his work. Guess what happened to his dream? His dream came true and he was enjoying it. He must have been happy for himself .

I love Andy Warhol because he draws cool pictures and he is fantastic . My favourite piece is the picture of  Marilyn Monroe because the colours that he uses are very cool and awesome.

This is about my mark and I really want all of you to like it !
 I got 20/16 .

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