Friday, 28 September 2012

Finding Fractions From Objects

I am learning to find fractions from objects and hope you love it and get amazed

Beach Day

During a hot summers day Emma and Rikki decided to have a beautiful swim and picnic at Pt England Reserve.

”Do you want to play vollyball”? Ask Rikki and Emma said very nicely,”Yes please”!
They said to each other,”Can you hear that sound that is coming out of the sea”! Emma and Rikki  was so scared that they wanted to go back home. They were feeling fine and was ready to see what was is the sea.

It was a man that was drowning and there was a shark that was ready to have lunch
but, Emma and Rikki were still saving that poor mans life.

“We thought saved the poor mans life but we were too late”, said Emma and Rikki. They were crying and felt ashamed of themselves. But luckily they saved that mans life in the water in the end!

Then they took the poor man into hospital so they can keep him alive. Guess what? He survived and lived happily ever after!

The End

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Blue Whales

Did you know that the great big blue whales are the most largest and living animal in the sea and did you know that a killer whale is very small?

Blue great whales are very big and kind of long. They are very massive! I heard that some dinosaurs were larger than the blue great whales but the dinosaurs died along time ago.
The great blue whales are the largest animal and happens to live in the sea. It is not a fish because the mother great blue whale feeds her baby calf with milk.

Most whales measure 20 metres and grow over 30 metres. Did you know that they weigh 250 tonnes and did you know that it is heavy than a big barge?

Improper fraction and mixed number

I.A.L. I am learning to change improper fractions into mixed numbers and I Hope you love it and get amazed!

Friday, 14 September 2012


Hope you love my map and get amazed!

Living in a Shipwreck

Did you know that it is when your ship gets wrecked

I heard that the ship was sinking because the wind blew the ship on to rocky reef at kaiti beach

Maybe they saved it because it was important to them on the ship

It’s when cars can be in a barge on the ship

Matching Fractions of the same kind

Hope you love it and get amazed!

Making Halves And Thirds

Hope you love it and get amazed!

Maths Writing

Maths Writing

During maths time room fourteen was making fraction with play dough. 

Maths is the best part of my learning but guess what was more cool and fantastic. Room fourteen went to learn with play dough and doing fractions with the play dough. I said to my teacher,”What do you mean”. She meant to me that my maths group is going to do fractions with play dough.

Did you know that it felt so squishy,gooey,smooth and melted chocolate?

Fraction are when you can split an eel into equal parts and split a chocolate bar in different ways. This term we are doing this because it is apart of maths and it is very great to me as a maths activity! 

I hope and wish that I will do this again because it is very cool,great,fantastic,awesome and amazing maths activity!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Piri and the Tekoteko

Maraes have a Tekoteko so that it can protect the people.

A scary tekoteko is a good thing because it makes some birds fly away and sometimes it make people go away!

Piri was so angry because the tekoteko didn’t look like the one that he had at home.

Paralympic Games World Record

During the Paralympic games New Zealand best superstars Phillipa Gary and Laura Thompson were competing against Irish world champions at the cycling competition.

When Philippa Gray and Laura Thompson were visiting Ireland they had a problem, they are vision impaired but they were doing fine.

Cameron Leslie that plays for New Zealand was the gold medalist. He was first out of the mens swimming competition, but the problem was sad because well he was in the paralympic games his limb was missing.