Friday, 28 September 2012

Beach Day

During a hot summers day Emma and Rikki decided to have a beautiful swim and picnic at Pt England Reserve.

”Do you want to play vollyball”? Ask Rikki and Emma said very nicely,”Yes please”!
They said to each other,”Can you hear that sound that is coming out of the sea”! Emma and Rikki  was so scared that they wanted to go back home. They were feeling fine and was ready to see what was is the sea.

It was a man that was drowning and there was a shark that was ready to have lunch
but, Emma and Rikki were still saving that poor mans life.

“We thought saved the poor mans life but we were too late”, said Emma and Rikki. They were crying and felt ashamed of themselves. But luckily they saved that mans life in the water in the end!

Then they took the poor man into hospital so they can keep him alive. Guess what? He survived and lived happily ever after!

The End

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Jordenne said...

Hey Rebekah,

Nice story! You just need, a little more fixing.
When you have time.


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