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Question About Echolocation

The thing I have to do with these question is making
sure that they all answer ECHOLOCATION:

1.) What do bats, whales and dolphins have in common?

2.) What is the hearing system that bats use to locate objects in the dark?

3.) How do bats, whales and different other animals locate special objects?

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Monday, 19 May 2014


Hello! I am going to tell you some jokes
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1.) How does a banker get rich?
He makes a lot of dough.

2.) Did you hear about Cinderella being thrown netball team?
No why was that?
Because she kept on running away from the ball.

3.) Where does an otter put its money?
In a river bank.

4.) Why are you swimming on your back?
Because you never told us to swim on a full stomach.

5.) Why does the ocean roar?
It has crabs in its bed.

6.) Why did the egg say to the cook?
You crack me up.

7.) Knock Knock
Who's There
Obie Who?
Oh be quite & open the door.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Level Up

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Have You Seen...........

Have you seen UFO the alien, on cartoon network or on television? I heard that it is a funny cartoon for kids and also parents. When I first watched the episode I was so thrilled and amazed because UFO the alien is really funny and also smart at all subjects in the world. There is a episode when he wants to fly back to his planet. He ends up on Mars and what stuck there for almost a month, so he found some things to help him build a space ship for him to return back to his planet. He says so many funny jokes! Would you like to watch UFO the alien?

The Very First Week Of School????

On the first week of school I was so excited to get out of the house and do some learning for once. School is really fun for me because I get to see my friends and I also get to learn new learning activity's. I'm even happy because we get to go swimming as well! I LOVE SWIMMING! I love to see my teacher as well because they are awesome and wonderful. Do you like going to school? It was really great to learn new interesting facts about sounds this week (for me). I heard that sounds is apart of vibration. Do you know what sound is?

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Sounds Information

The word sounds have different me
What the brains hears in sound gets it start from the energy from moving air. 
The world's energy comes from sound moving like waves.
 When a guitar string vibrates it make a sound that waves high and high.
Scientific labs have an energy of sounds that vibrates.
High and low is a sounds that makes a different courses of energy.
Vibration is a sound for making high or low notes. 
Sound is a wave carrying the ocean deep into the water.

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