Saturday, 10 May 2014

Have You Seen...........

Have you seen UFO the alien, on cartoon network or on television? I heard that it is a funny cartoon for kids and also parents. When I first watched the episode I was so thrilled and amazed because UFO the alien is really funny and also smart at all subjects in the world. There is a episode when he wants to fly back to his planet. He ends up on Mars and what stuck there for almost a month, so he found some things to help him build a space ship for him to return back to his planet. He says so many funny jokes! Would you like to watch UFO the alien?


Lisia said...

Hello Rebekah,
I have never watched this before, but it looks so interesting and I LOVE to laugh, that I might just go and check it out. I realised that you used 'what' instead of was. Anyway, that was an awesome post.

DarkWither1 said...

Yes ive watched this before but i cant find it on the inyernet and they probably dont make this kind of cartoon anymore i heard ufo the alien was discontinued

Anonymous said...

G'day Rebekah, I too remember watching this cartoon, as far back as 4 years old, and it used to bring a smile to my face even, on the darkest of days. Is there anywhere I can find an episode, or any trace of it?
- Anonymous 2017 Australia

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