Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Paralympic Games

During the Paralympic Games the Sport events are cool and Athletes have Physical Disabilities.

Winter and Summer is when the  Paralympic Games are held. They are held in the same stadium as the Olympics Games.

Many others were in wheelchairs, have amputations and may be blind. There are 20 paralympics events games that are para equestrian, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball and goalball.

Olympic events have the same as rules and many paralympic events except, the way it is played may be changed.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Kiwi Grub For Mohua

What eats hundreds of worms and seventy huhu grubs?
A greedy and spotted kiwi called Mohua.

Mohua's beak was broken off, it hurt so bad that she couldn’t feed herself for a year!
Staff Willowbank Wildlife reserve in Christchurch fed her special kiwi pellets that is made of minced meat,crushed dried insects,banana,and bran.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Best Cross Country Ever!

Nine year old girls and boys were lining up for cross country at room 18. This is so that Mr.Burt  could lead us to the path where we had to run.

Mr.Burt's clappers were telling us to run so we can get very fit, but when it came to muddy paths and also massive puddles it was horrible!

Well I was running I saw creeks, lakes, people watching out for me and also I saw a whole lot of nature.

Fourth was the place that I really needed but I came fifth, because I was not in shape and I did not feel well. At least I came in good mood when I finished!

I really enjoyed cross country because it was amazing, fantastic, cool, awesome and great. I hope that there will be  another cross country.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Olympic Shot Put Story

Olympic winner, Nadzeya Osapchck was taking steroids while she played shout put.  Nadzeya Osapchck cheated by having drugs and she failed the drug test.

Her country that is Russia was so proud but when they heard that  she won the gold. But then Dave Currie said,"She did not pass the drug test!". They were shocked and pretty much angry at her and she mite be disappointed about the thing that she did and how she cheated.

Adams must be so happy because she passes the drug test and she got the gold medal.

Valerie Adams is not sliver any more and also she must be feeling so proud, fantastic, awesome, amazing, and cool! New Zealand has six gold medals now!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

P.E.P.A. Dancing practices

P.E.P.A. Dancing practices

Discarding things is very hard but not for me because I went into a dance crew that is called P.E.P.A and the dance is at a school. It has so much and cool stuff in it like dancing,filming,and also detail!

Did you know that my friend called D.J is now teaching little kids our dance to chris brown move your body. I love dancing but my family don’t because they think it is not real but it is!Me and D.J were teaching boys but they were not listening but D.j did the dance then they listened very carefully. We teached them then we had a break. It was so hard and kind of trekkie but we were still standing up and not giving up!
I pushed all of my mite and it was so cool and amazing!

I love to dance! Do you like to dance whenever you want to?

I wish that people will love dancing!