Thursday, 9 August 2012

P.E.P.A. Dancing practices

P.E.P.A. Dancing practices

Discarding things is very hard but not for me because I went into a dance crew that is called P.E.P.A and the dance is at a school. It has so much and cool stuff in it like dancing,filming,and also detail!

Did you know that my friend called D.J is now teaching little kids our dance to chris brown move your body. I love dancing but my family don’t because they think it is not real but it is!Me and D.J were teaching boys but they were not listening but D.j did the dance then they listened very carefully. We teached them then we had a break. It was so hard and kind of trekkie but we were still standing up and not giving up!
I pushed all of my mite and it was so cool and amazing!

I love to dance! Do you like to dance whenever you want to?

I wish that people will love dancing!                     

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