Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Best Cross Country Ever!

Nine year old girls and boys were lining up for cross country at room 18. This is so that Mr.Burt  could lead us to the path where we had to run.

Mr.Burt's clappers were telling us to run so we can get very fit, but when it came to muddy paths and also massive puddles it was horrible!

Well I was running I saw creeks, lakes, people watching out for me and also I saw a whole lot of nature.

Fourth was the place that I really needed but I came fifth, because I was not in shape and I did not feel well. At least I came in good mood when I finished!

I really enjoyed cross country because it was amazing, fantastic, cool, awesome and great. I hope that there will be  another cross country.



Jordenne said...

Wow! Rebekah,

At least you didn't come last or anything else.
That was good mood.
Same I came 5th. I have too hard girls like Asena(always come 1st and Hope(Nearlly every year 2nd but this year 3rd. Beaten by Tamai).
At least you tried your best.

Try to come 4th. Or what ever you want to come.
What is your goal?


deserae said...

hi Rebekah it is me Dj I like your writing and your picture. and at lest you d didn't come last nice job rebekah next time try come first by good try keep up the good work rebekah.

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