Friday, 14 September 2012

Maths Writing

Maths Writing

During maths time room fourteen was making fraction with play dough. 

Maths is the best part of my learning but guess what was more cool and fantastic. Room fourteen went to learn with play dough and doing fractions with the play dough. I said to my teacher,”What do you mean”. She meant to me that my maths group is going to do fractions with play dough.

Did you know that it felt so squishy,gooey,smooth and melted chocolate?

Fraction are when you can split an eel into equal parts and split a chocolate bar in different ways. This term we are doing this because it is apart of maths and it is very great to me as a maths activity! 

I hope and wish that I will do this again because it is very cool,great,fantastic,awesome and amazing maths activity!

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