Friday, 29 June 2012

Rebekah Term Two Reflection

This term I have learnt to make a presentations and also searching for clues or answers in the book. Have you heard that in assembly there is a korero called finish off your work properly ?

Do you know what comprehension means ? It means that you have to understand the story that you are reading and also finish it off . I think I have to show my reading in different ways so I could improve it to my teacher and also my family !!!! Do you want to improve your reading to someone ???? Showing examples to my teacher would be kind of frustrating . I love to answer questions because I like to turn them into writing so I could make it wonderful !!!!

I didn't like the way I done my reading because my report said , “I was below” , and I felt very sad and angry !!!! Finding awesomer in the books is very hard sometimes and it is not good with me. Also my reading task that I do it is not done properly and also it doesn't go well with myself . I don’t like to rush because it make my work difficult !!!!

I have to make my reading improve next year so I could have a great report !!!!

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