Thursday, 19 July 2012

Water Polo the Olympics

My Olympic event sport is water polo. It is about men and women playing like soccer but they use their hands instead of legs. I heard that they play in the water because that's why it is called water polo. I picked this amazing and fantastic Olympics sport because it sounds and looks very interesting.

This sport is very wet and kind of like a hard game in the Olympics because you have to game  that you can play. In the water  you use a ball to get a score. The game  haves rules like this you can't use your legs and you can not swim  because if you do swim that you will be cheating to get a score! If you want to win your game you really have you rock out to it and you pretty much have to make sure that you are working very hard with your buddy's!

In1897 the sport water polo started and it was made by New Yorkers. Harold Reader created the first American rules for discipline. Water Polo started in the Paris 1900 games.    

If you want to play water polo you really need equipment like a swimsuit and a ball.

My olympic event space is in the pools. I love water polo because that’s my favourite olympic sport!!!!!!

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