Thursday, 26 July 2012

Josh and the Tooth Fairy

When my teeth
comes out I put it under my soft pillow and sometimes I kind of put it a glass

Well my tooth fairy leaves me a gold coin so I could spend it on myself. Did you know that Josh lives on a cool farm called country farm.

When I heard that
Josh’s grandmother said,’’ When she was a little girl she use to put her tooth in a glass of water so that the tooth fairy can come and give her something that she wanted".

Josh is very wrong about putting his tooth underneath the kitchen mat because when his dad was a little boy he use to put it under the kitchen mat. Did you know that the tooth fairy gave a gold coin to josh at night?

I think dad put his cow teeth under the mat so he could trick josh to get the tooth fairy to come to and give him a gold coin but he got a pile of hay. Maybe the tooth fairy didn’t come because that wasn’t a person tooth.

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Miss Ouano said...

Wow! Well done Rebekah! You have really shown me that you understand what it happening in the story!

Kai Pai!

Miss Ouano :)

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