Friday, 6 September 2013

The Three Wolves And Goldilocks

Once upon a time there lived three wolves and a evil little girl named goldilocks. The three wolfs loved each other but they got split up by a massive evilness power. Goldilocks had a lot of power like darkness.

She loved people destroyed and splitted apart for ever. She didn't like happily ever after story’s. She only liked bad stories like her father but after a few weeks her power disappeared from something that was really strange.

It was her father that took her powers away because she was destroying every thing like families homes food and shelter. She was doing the wrong thing but when her powers were gone she changed into a nice helper and a generous friend.

The three wolves were still afraid of goldilocks but when they saw her helping and being wonderful they saw light in her and not darkness, but when the three wolves said,”Hello”. Goldilocks looked at them and said, “Hello have we meet”. The wolves said quietly, “Why doesn't she know us, Its al right we will start fresh with her”.

So they started fresh with goldilocks and they agreed that they would be kind for the rest of their lives and also agreed to be a perfect family.

                                         The End.

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