Friday, 25 October 2013

Farming writing - A better version

In a little mysterious town, there lived a family that was really good at looking after their food and plants. Nick was really angry because he didn’t like crops and plants. He wanted to destroy the farm. Nick was the oldest out of them and he would get anything even if he was naughty in front of his parents. “Nick get over here”,said mum! Mum saw a plan that nick wrote on a big piece of white paper. It was a plan to destroy the farm. “Naughty naughty boy”,said mum quitely!

Nick went outside quietly and tipped toed. He started the fire up. “I smell something on fire outside”,said dad. “What are you doing Nick”,said mum? “Stop doing the fire Nick”,said dad! Dad called the fire men. Broom Broom the fire men was here. “Hello my name is john how may I help you”,said the fire men. “My son is putting a huge fire out the back, hurry know it might be bigger now go go fix it”, said mum! Splash Splash went the water. The fire went out. “Yay the fire stopped woohoo”,said dad.

“Nick what in the world is going on with you have gone crazy and wild what were you thinking”,said dad? “Its ok son lets start fresh tomorrow”,said mum! “Lets get some rest”, said Tom, Nick’s brother. So the fire tidy all the mess and put some more fresh flowers in the garden and water the crops on the farm.

Nick said, “I’ll never act like that again and I promise that I will look after our farm for this day”!

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