Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Plane Writing

“Yay we are at AUSTRALIA!”said John “Don’t make your blood sugar rise you freak!”said Ana “What did you say?”said John “Stop arguing!”said dad “Lets go find us a hotel for tomorrow when we get to England!”said Mum “Come on lets go we are almost late!” said mum “May I have 5 tickets to go to England please?”said dad “Yes!”said the women at the counter “Lets go kids!”said mum.

“We are finally on the plane!”said John “I have go to the bathroom”said Alli. Stomp Stomp went Alli. “OMG there are snakes on the plane!”said Alli “Mum I’m scared!”said Ana. AHHHHHHHHHHHH went everybody on the plane!

“I love you Ana I love you too!”said John BOOM BOOM went the Plane!!!!!!!!! Help on The way!
“Reporting live there has been a big plane crash!”said the new report Oww no Ana and them were in that plane Everyone must of died but wait one kid came out of the plane it was John!! Ana and the rest didn’t make it but They still prayed for them!

Another plane came to help all the other people that survived and they got John to safety! John said,”When I have a job my job will be to protect people on a plane and check every time that snakes are not on the planes”!

The End

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