Thursday, 24 October 2013

Farming Writing

Once in a little town there lived a family that was really good at looking after their food and plants but one day one of the brothers were sick of eat vegetables and crops. He got so mad he wanted the farm to be destroyed. His mother was not happy that he was acting like this and being really disrespectful. They tried everyday to clam nick down but nick throw’s a glass of water in Tom’s face. Tom had got angry and started to have a fight but their old farmer father said, “STOP IT, THAT’S IT GO TO YOUR ROOMS AND STAY IN THEIR”! Nick was really angry.

Nick got what he wanted. He got a lighter and some oil to burn down the farm. He sneaked outside of his room and started the fire. He was super happy! His father could smell it. “What’s going on out here?” Said the father. “Nick what are you doing?”,said mum. “I don’t want crops and plants anymore, I’m sick of it”,said nick. “Well you gotta live with it mate”,said dad! But nick keep on doing the fire. “I hate you dad,I hate you mum I don’t want the farm anymore”,said nick.

They called the fire men really quickly. “Hey buddy can you stop doing the fire please”,said the fire men. nick still did the fire. The fire men put the water on. Splash Splash went the water taking out the fire. “You're lucky you didn’t make a big fire mate because you could of burn down your house”,said the fire men.

The old farmer father was really mad at nick but they started fresh the next day and nick promised that he wouldn’t be so angry like the other day’s.

The End.

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