Monday, 11 November 2013

The Weekend

Did you watch the sliver fern's and south africa?
It was so cool to watch me eye's were stuck on the televison. I love netball. The sliver fern's won by getting 3 and 2 points in. The change it into fast 5. It is better than the other netball because the crowd where funny clothes and funny hairs. They all looked funny. I laughed so loud my nana said,"shhhhhh stop laughing"! There was 5 women that dressed as super sliver fern hero's. It was an awesome game and close as well.

Did you watch the all black's vs the mighty england team?
It was an awesome game as well. I loved it so much. Have you played rugby before?
I have. Don't play it because it is pretty rough but if you want a shot just go ahead. I loved that game because New Zealand won. WOOHOO WOOHOO!
Hope you watched the game!

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