Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Ugly Duckling Writing

Once upon a time an old farm there lived a family of ducklings. In their family a mother duckling laid six new eggs. In the afternoon the eggs had hatched. But guess what, one egg was taking too long to hatch and it had grown bigger and bigger. After a few more hours it had finally hatched and was picking at its shell.

When the last little duckling had came out of its shell it did not look like its brothers or its mother. It had grey feathers instead of yellow feathers. The duckling was also ugly. His brothers kept on teasing him and also scorning him. “Poor, poor little ugly duckling”,Said his mother.

In the middle of the night poor poor ugly duckling run to all the ponds in the country so he could ask other birds who he is. But they keep on laughing at him and keep on saying go away.
The poor ugly duckling was so
sad but one afternoon there was an old lady who gave the ugly duckling food so he could get fat and so she could eat him all up. When he finally knows what was going on he lifted quietly.

Poor ugly duckling! After a few more minutes he fell asleep and then a farmer found him in the middle of his paddock. So the nice farmer gave it to his kids so they could look after poor little duckling. After a few days the ugly duckling turned into a pretty duckling and he was so astounded and he and the farmers kids lived happily ever after. The End.

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