Thursday, 2 July 2015

Disagree Or Agree


My task for today was to write about which subject I were to choose out of. I was to agree or disagree of the problem that people are putting against. Here are the subject I were to pick from, I were to pick one to write about. Cell phones should be banned from school. PES should not have school uniform. I choose to write about cell phones being banned because I thought it would be a amazing article to write about.

I disagree about banning cell phones from bringing to school. Did you know that, cell phones has become an important communication tool that is used by people all over the world to keep in contact with each other at any time? So that is one reason why we should have cell phones at school to contact. We shouldn’t ban it because I am positive that cell phones can be helpful!

I disagree with those who think that cell phones shouldn’t be used at school, because cell phones can be helpful to search for things when you are missing something and it can help you to contact your parents or others when you are lost. Is a cell phone helpful to you and are you positive that it is a awesome device, tool, and technology for using?

Possible I think that a cell phone is a handy type of tool because if you get bored of working during class time you could get your phone out of your bag or something else and your headphones to listen to music. Just make sure that your teacher doesn’t catch you, because you might get in trouble. Another tip to avoid working during class time, you could play games on your cell phone, but again just make sure that you don’t get in trouble.

What is the point of bringing a cell phone to school? The point of bringing a cell phone is because, It can used for many educational things like research, projects, calculators, and even putting in important dates when my or your homework assignment or a project is due. You can also use a phone to call or text your parents if maybe you forgot your lunch at home, or if you need to get picked up after school.

I hope you understand why I think that we shouldn’t ban cell phones at school and, I hope you carry on this to another person who thinks negative about bringing that kind of device to school. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed my writing.

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