Friday, 17 July 2015

My Favourite Youtuber!!!

Hi guys, this amazing person is my most favourite you-tuber in the whole entire world. He is funny, he is scary, and he makes me smile every time I watch his video's. His real name is IIsa but what people call him is TWAIMZ. He is apart of a vine company. Vine is the meaning of making short funny videos for people to search or look at when they are bored or to just have a little laugh. He loves LLAMA's like me and also answers people questions on his video's. 

When I first saw Twaimz, I thought that he was boring, but when I started to watch a bit of his video's on youtube, I thought that he was a fantastic person to watch. He is Owesome, with an O!! One thing that you should know about Twaimz, is his personality, he does get upset when people talk behind his back. Please leave a comment and if you want to know much about TWAIMZ, let me know, I will tell you every thing about him!!! Here is a link to his youtube channel!!! Hope you enjoy!!

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