Friday, 17 July 2015

My Holiday In Hamilton

So far in my holiday, I have been in Hamilton with my cousins, aunty and uncle. I have had so much fun and I have spend so many time with my cousins. My holiday is going so awesome! I've played with my cousins, and watched funny video's with them. I wish I had lived in Hamilton, because I could be close to the other part of my family, but things don't really happen. There are some many things I could do in Hamilton like playing, watching videos, going out to places (Hamilton city) and many more. Have you ever been to Hamilton city?

When I arrived in Hamilton, I hugged my cousins and aunty/uncle, and I quickly chucked my bags in my cousins room so that we could go to Hamilton city. We brought new shoes and clothes well we were there. It was so surprising that my cousins wanted to buy high heals for the first time, she would always say that it was a boring type of shoe. It was one of the best days when I was in Hamilton!

I hope that you liked this blog post about me in Hamilton and what has been going on in my holiday. Please leave a comment and I hope that you enjoyed!!!!!

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