Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Explanation Writing W2T3

How we spend money all depends on what we think we need and want. This essay will explain the differences between what a ‘need’ is and what a ‘want’ is.

What is a ‘want’?
If I were to describe a ‘want’ it would be describe as you begging or talking about something you desire mostly. A ‘want’ is something or someone you really like or feel strong about, it is also something or someone you hope for. Sometimes you would say, “I would die for it.” When you are ‘wanting’ for something, you would need to think carefully about what you are spending on.
     What is a ‘need’?
Did you know that a ‘need’ is a necessity? Necessity means that you would need important things like clothes, food, water, shoes, and many more. When you ‘need’ something you are specifically wanting something. You ‘need’ water so that you don’t get dehydrated, and you really need food for you body to keep you going and for more energy. Clothes you need because people would be thinking weirdly, and you need shoes to keep your feet and toes warm from the cold and also to keep you from stepping on dangerous objects. We ‘need’ enough food in our homes to keep our lives still living, rather than spending our money on things that are not very important.

   Why is a ‘need’ more important than a ‘want’?

A ‘need’ is more important than a ‘want’ because when you are ‘needing’ for something, you get that thing, but when you ‘want’ something, you wouldn't get it. ‘Need’ is important because it is also necessity, and necessity is making sure that we have food, water, clothes, shoes, and many more. Why do we ‘need’? - Because ‘needing’ something is more valuable than a ‘want’!

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