Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Blog Post Week 8 - Reading

My task for today was to fill out this drawing from my reading activity which is in school. I also was told to write a summary about the article. Here is the link: Boy on a bike (the link):

This article is about a boy named Mac Madsen, he is fundraising money that is going towards St John, it is going to St John because he wants to make more ambulance for them. “How are you going to fundraise money”, said his parents? He said, “I’m going to bike up and down from New Zealand to make the money”. His parents were still carrying on there questions. He read books and found out information about cycling. Mac was alone nine years old, and 3,000 kilometres was a very long way. Him and his parents made up a compromise! He would cycle the length of the North Island, just a bit less than that half distance. His dad would cycle with him and they would make it to the route.

Him and his dad trained every weekend and some days they would cycle 80 kilometres. The other days, they would ride shorter. Sometimes in the holidays, they would cycle several days in a row. They trained in the dark, they got up before dawn, and they made sure that they covered up enough metres. Mac did not give up for St John. Him and his dad did not imagine the weather being so rough. They learnt so many things from each other and they raised up to, over 7,000 dollars. Him and his father were thinking of doing it again.

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