Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Week 7 - Blog Post Maths

My task for today was to explain to you what me and my maths class has been doing these past few days. We have been using talking moves. Talk moves are things like prompting which means (would someone like to add on to what I said), and wait time which is ( I'll wait for you). That is talk moves. What is another talk move, that you would make up?

This here is a problem solving of the same, of the image on the piece of paper.
What is 2.18 times 60?
$2.18 x 60=
So first to work out this question, is that I would split the numbers into hundreds,tens, and one’s, so it should look like this, firstly 2.00 x 60=, that equals 120. Then secondly I would go 0.10 x 60= which equals 6.00. Then lastly 0.08 x 60, which equals 4.8. Then I would take those equaled numbers and add them just like this, 120+6.00+4.8=, and that equals 130.80. Then that is my answer $130.80!

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