Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mr Someville

This is my teacher this year. His name is Mr. Somerville and he teaches me all kinds of stuff like reading writing and also maths. He is a very funny teacher and a cool teacher at the same time.
You wouldn't make him upset because he will just joke and say, "I am going to whack you with the jandal!" but he is only kidding! :)

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Lesieli Vala said...

Hi Rebekah,
I loved your sentences and photo, And did you get it of line? Oh we'll I hope he sees it and laughs at it!!!!! Great posting, keep up the great work and keep posting more!

Nikki said...

Hi Rebekah,
I loved what you wrote it was cool and a bit funny too.Mr Sommerville will be happy that you wrote that Keep up the good work :)

Ata said...

Hi Rebekah,
That was so interesting to read I like what your have said about Mr Somerville he is fun,funny and all sort's of staff but keep it up can't wait for another post :)

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