Thursday, 23 February 2012


My vision board goals:


1. I want to be in volleyball because I love it.


2. I want to be better at math,reading and writing because it is really important!

Being Bad :

3. I want to stop being mean to kids because if I do that I will get bad and I will be mean


4. I want to be very nice to my friend because they don’t be mean to me

My Maths:

5. I want to be good at my own maths and I want to improve my family!


I want to be better at my writing and show that I do good writing.

Healthy Body:

6.I want to eat health fruits and get my body in shape

Help my Family:

7. I want to be nice to my family and make them happy so I take care of my self


8. I want to be a good and better reader because I don’t want to be the one how cannot read and improve my reading!

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