Friday, 19 October 2012

Narrative Writing

During a hot summers day Kimberley Ouano was so hungry she didn’t want to buy bread or milk for her family because they don’t buy anything she wanted and needed for a trip and also school.

Kimberley decided to just spend money on herself and got her a brand new house so she could relax and have a rest from her mother getting angry very fast.
When she was trying to sleep she dreamed that her family went on a trip and lifted her behind in New York city. Suddenly  She was out of money and out of food too.

She went back home and talked with her mother. Her mother said to her,”I missed you where have you been you must be hungry”!  

Then Kimberley felt well because that was the best thing that her mum ever said that to her and told her mum this,” I send all of the money on me and didn’t care about you because when I was 2 you didn’t care about me but know you do and I love you mum”!

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