Friday, 30 November 2012

Toy Paper Man

If you would like to check at my toy just click on this link

During The afternoon Room Fourteen were creating their favourite toys. Our teacher Miss Ouano told us to write instructions so we could not only tell our school about our favourite toys and how to make our special toys on our blogs. We are also telling people around the world  about our toys that we love.

My toy is a paper man that gets weaved and gets paper cuts all round its body. If you want to make a paper man just do these easy peasy steps. First up you would need some coloured paper and also you would need some scissors so you could cut it into long strips so that when you weave it you can cut its body and so it makes paper cuts like I said befor.   

Last but not least you just need to put it together and wolha.  

I love paper mans because they make me happy.
It is the best toy that I ever had in the world and also it is the thing that makes my heart beating. You should try making a paper man because its not for making you happy its for making you smile each and every day. You should try and make a paper man befor paper run’s out.

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Faafetai said...

Hi Rebekah its me Faafetai I really like your blog about your papper man because it looks very cool you rock

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