Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Aquarius My Ouh Year

Title: Aquarius My Ouh Year

Characters: Mum Dad Estelle  

Setting: At Home Grandma’s House

What was the problem?
The Problem was that Mum and Dad Keep on arguing all the time and that is why it was a bad day for the year.

What was the solution?
Mum and Dad stop aruguing because it was time to countdown for the year. Dad kissed Estelle head and went to bed well mum was watching TV.

Was there a plot twist?

My favourite part of the book was?
When Estelle said, “It is ten more minutes until 1975”!

If I could change the ending it would end like this?
Mum and dad stop arguing and both of them we in love again and me and my family lived happily ever after.

Would I read this book again?
Yes Because it is interesting and it is a really good book to read all the time. I would always read it because it is a really fantastic story. The person who wrote it is amazing.

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