Thursday, 27 February 2014

Empathy Writing

This needs to give
definition of the topic?
Be a caring friend when someone’s feeling down or if they are too shy to speak in front of  a crowd. Cheering someone up is the perfect way to show empathy.

What can people do
to show Empathy?
If you love your family and friends show empathy but its not about the hugs and kisses its about putting yourself in their shoes.

Why is it important
that people show Empathy?
If someone is feeling down would you ask them to join you or ask them if they would like to make a movie with you.

How do people show each other
Empathy - give an example
in the classroom or playground?
If you're making a movie and someone doesn’t want to do what you're doing treat them like they want to be treated. Find something that the both of you can do together.

An evaluation or an
interesting comment?

Who ever you show empathy to, be nice and show respect.

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