Monday, 24 March 2014

Cyclone Lusi


In the weekend Cyclone Lusi was so strong and windy but it was a nice breeze. The Cyclone was so wild and made the weather really rough. How come Auckland’s power didn’t come off but Rewarewa power did? OMG I didn’t know that it would crash a teenager’s bedroom! My family brote spare torches and candles incase I’ll power shutdown and if it get’s really dark.  Cyclone Lusi is the second severe tropical cyclone of the 2013-14 season and is currently affecting New Zealand. Why did they call it Cyclone Lusi?

I feel so sorry for those wonderful people who died in this terrible weather. There might of been two or three people who died. I wonder if that teenager which bedroom got crushed survived? I bet he was very very shocked when that happened. Would you scream really loud if that happened to you?
I heard that there is going to be another cyclone in the cook Island. I’m going to be very shocked if it tears down the whole place! Make sure you have torches and candles ready because you never know your power might shut down.

Cyclone Lusi just brushed northern NZ in the weekend’s avoiding serious damage but the storm retained Category 1 strength as it brushed past. The track further west out to sea spared Auckland and northern NZ from more widespread serious damage. This week is a sunnier, drier, week thanks to increased high air pressure and more westerlies. A new tropical low may be coming in towards eastern parts of the North Island – but at this stage it’s a long way east of New Zealand which limits the chances of a direct hit’s.

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