Friday, 11 April 2014

Writing Fiafia Master

As I arrived at school to perform for fiafia I was really thrilled but I had butterflies in my stomach. Thousands of people came happy to see our school perform. Finding my dressing room was so hard! Seeing all the other groups with amazing costumes were awesome. I think that the kapa haka group was fantastic!  As I walked up the stage I was shy but I felt confident within me. Performing is great but really nerve-racking.

When I started to dance I was so shy but I looked at the crowd and smiled and enjoyed the rest of my dance. As we walked off the stage the whole group said to each other well done. I like to also say thank you to my coaches for teaching me how to do our dance moves and our wonderful helpers with our costumes. Fiafia is the second great thing to do for the end of the term.

Our teachers were so thrilled so they said that we were going to have a shared lunch. I was so happy! Go Niuean group!

I wish and hope that the other fiafia would be so fantastic and awesome for people to come to our school and watch our children perform so wonderfully.

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