Friday, 20 March 2015

What I Liked About Polyfest

What is Polyfest?
Polyfest is like a festival for all people that loves to watch there culture dancing. It is popular in New Zealand and also Australia. If would describe polyfest again it would be describe as mostly fun and also creative because polyfest is about believing in your culture and watching what your culture did in the past by young students dancing.

Thursday afternoon was so amazing because the team 5 students from Pt England school were able to take a trip to Polyfest. The very first thing that I love about polyfest was meeting our Leader of New Zealand which was John Key. He was wearing a fabulous suit with a smile on his face. It was absolutely fun! The second most thing that I liked was meeting people from Flava, that talks on the radio. There station on the radio is 95.80. My very last favourite part about polyfest was tasting a delicious drink. My group was able to taste and give our idea's to what it tasted like. "I can taste coconut with pineapple," I said. I love polyfest!

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